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September 28, 2020

4 things to look for in a Light Industrial CNC plasma table

By scribe


For those looking to establish themselves in the CNC industry – whether at the hobbyist or professional level – doing so can often be frustratingly costly in the early stages. It’s easy for equipment and material expenses to quickly add up and make you feel like you’re not investing your resources properly.

This can be especially true for CNC plasma tables, which should ideally help you accomplish a wide range of projects and produce high-quality results at an affordable price.

Here are four things to look for in a Light Industrial CNC plasma table to ensure it more than meets your needs and delivers on your investment.

1. Usability

No matter the industry or application, a Light Industrial CNC plasma should be easy to operate for you and for anyone else that may be working in the shop. It should require minimal maintenance and upkeep and should perform when needed, regardless of workload.

The ShopSabre SideKick CNC plasma machine is capable of performing anytime it’s needed, whether for only 1-2 hours per week or for 8+ hours per day – without ever sacrificing precision or performance. It requires no assembly and is ready to be put to work within minutes of arriving to the shop. The SideKick also features the industry’s most user-friendly controller, with at-machine CAD/CAM capabilities and an on-board diagnosis system.

2. Versatility

A CNC plasma cutter should also be able to perform a wide range of cuts on a wide range of materials, ranging from aluminum and brass to copper and steel. Whether you’re involved in manufacturing, automotive, or fabrication, your equipment needs to have the versatility to adapt to your unique needs.

The SideKick is known for its extreme versatility, capable of delivering value in prototyping, sign-making, engineering, and more. It is a true combination table built to handle the cutting forces of routing and the heat tolerances of plasma – perfect for either metal plasma cutting or wood routing. The SideKick comes with a full bed of slats and allows you to choose between blow-through, downdraft, and water table configuration.

3. Precision

Precision is really one of the key differentiators of high-quality CNC equipment – and it should apply to both Light Industrial and entry-level plasma cutters, as well.

During construction, the SideKick’s gantry system is put through advanced processes to ensure complete accuracy, including precision milling of contact surfaces for bearing and rail placement. This contributes to the CNC plasma table’s frame being built to a tolerance greater than the competition. The SideKick also uses the latest in CNC bearing technology, with 25 mm linear guide rails and bearings on all axes.

Every SideKick comes standard with High Torque North American Servo Motors on X, Dual Y, and Z axes, paired with Direct Drive Planetary Gears for increased accuracy, reduced maintenance, and more power.

4. Affordability

One of the primary frustrations of hobby CNC work is that it’s too hard to find adequate equipment without paying industrial-level prices. Many brands fail to deliver highly usable and precise machines without charging excessive rates.

With the purchase of a SideKick from ShopSabre, you’re able to experience industrial capabilities for the cost of an entry-level CNC plasma table – securing technology that would normally cost $60,000 for as low as $12,995. We also offer flexible payment options and financing for as low at $212 per month. There is simply no more cost-effective way to unlock the elite performance of industrial CNC while still paying entry-level prices.

Break into the world of CNC with ShopSabre

Our world-leading CNC routers and CNC plasmas provide precision, efficiency, and total versatility to help aspiring hobbyists and full-time commercial shop owners alike produce truly outstanding results with a fraction of the labor and cost.

Here are a few of the primary reasons ShopSabre is able to develop and produce such revolutionary technology:

  1. Experienced in-house engineering talent
  2. The ability to totally fabricate and test designs onsite
  3. The ability to place the designs into production in-house

These are just a few of the advantages of being an American machine tool manufacturer. Shop our unmatched collection of CNC routers and CNC plasmas in Minneapolis today to experience CNC the way it was meant to be.

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