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If you want the best CNC router available at the best value, there’s no better place to look than ShopSabre CNC. Each of our routers offers unbeatable construction and components you’d be hard pressed to find even on machines that cost two or three times as much. What makes our routers even better is the many options you can get to deliver the custom CNC experience you need for your specific applications because no two shops are alike.

With a wide range of custom CNC parts and components available, there is no limit to what you can achieve with a ShopSabre CNC router. From vacuums and tool changers to dust collectors and multi-head systems, we offer the options and accessories that allow you to accomplish anything. Don’t be limited by out-of-the-box routers offered by the competition. Get a ShopSabre CNC that’s built just for you, right here in the USA.

Standard Available Options

Available attachments for ShopSabre CNC router models. Please note that some parts may not be available on all models or with other options. Some components may result in limiting the cutting/working areas. Contact us for more details.

Single Phase & Three Phase compatibility

ShopSabre offers a wide range of Power Options.

Whether you only have Single Phase or have 3Phase available – we can build you a compatible machine.

Manual Change HSD Spindles in 4HP or 9.3HP

ShopSabre offers a wide range of Industrial industry reputable Electric Fan cooled spindles from 2.2HP, 4HP, and 9.3HP

Unlike most Chinese machines using Water Cooled Technology the Spindles by ShopSabre are Italian Built and Electric Fan Cooled for high performance.

The Manual Change option is available in an ER25 or ER32 Holder system based on HP Selected.

Also you can upgrade to a spindle now or in the field – Buy your 2nd Machine the First Time – Add the Accessories as you can afford.

Auto Tool Changer Systems

Available in many HP ratings and ISO30 or HSK F63 the Auto Tool Changer is a real game changer.

Doing multiple tool processes can be time consuming if you have to stay and baby sit your machine.

If you simply do not have time to change bits, Auto Tool Changers let your pre-setup tools and the machine do the work. Great for Production Needs or multiple tool operations – increasing accuracy, efficiency, and reducing labor cost.

HSK Tooling Options

HSK F63 Tool Systems are available on the ShopSabre Auto Tool Changer Option.

Phenolic Table Top

Phenolic is a composite material which is extremely dense and mostly moisture resistant.

This option is a great fit for use with coolant systems or lubricants – it also increases vacuum pressure to your parts slightly and will give you the ability to drill and tap your top for fixturing.

Full Aluminum T-Slot Table Top

Need a Full Aluminum T-Slot Top, we have you covered.

ShopSabre offers an option for a complete Aluminum T-Slot top.

Hybrid T-Slot/Vacuum Table Top

Need T-Slots but also need vacuum?

ShopSabre offers the most advanced Hybrid HiFlow Vacuum Top with Aluminum T-Slot Hybrid top. This can be built with the choice of our Standard MDF or Optional Phenolic Table Surface.

This places an Aluminum T-slot channel every 8” on center divided into the zones of the vacuum to assure maximum versatility without reducing vacuum hold down performance.

Hybrid T-Slot/Flat Table Top

Need T-Slots but don’t need to spend the money on expensive Aluminum tops?

ShopSabre offers an Aluminum T-Slot Hybrid top with the choice of our Standard MDF or Optional Phenolic Table Surface.

This places an Aluminum T-slot channel every 8” on center and yes we give you the clamp kit with the machine.

Vacuum Table with Multiple Zones and Multiple Table Pipes

ShopSabre HiFlow Vacuum technology is the most advanced Vacuum table top. The ShopSabre Table top is planned with your Router which increases table accuracy and reduces the need for gaskets and glue. The ShopSabre HIFLOW vac increases vacuum flow for traditional nested based manufacturing by almost 50%. Hard pipes increase the flow of air giving you less maintenance and higher performance.

Remember you cannot cut what you cannot hold – ShopSabre HIFLOW is the best solution to keep you cutting!

FPZ Vacuum Pump

The FPZ Vacuum pumps are some of the industry’s most affordable 3phase vacuum pumps – Producing massive CFM they work great for high flow situations.  

Becker Vacuum Pump

The Becker Vacuum pumps are the industry’s most power efficient 3Phase vacuum pumps and #1 rated in CNC.

The Becker Pumps produce a massive amount of HG allowing for better hold down on slippery materials or smaller parts.

ShopSabre F1 & F4 Single Phase Vacuum Pump

This feature is the most industrial Single-Phase Vacuum solution on the market. This allows you to add Vacuum to your ShopSabre even when you don’t have 3phase power capabilities.

The Single-Phase vacuum solution rivals many much higher cost and power demanding solutions and is made right here in Minnesota!

Material Thickness Calibration Touch Pad

Setting Z Zero is simply by touching off the material or Bed however the Material Thickness Calibration touch pad makes it quicker and more accurate by removing the operator variable.

With this set up you simply align the switch below the cutting tool and allow the machine to auto touch on the material for Z Zeroing (This feature has no effect on Tool Measurement with Tool Switch Installed)

Table Reference Pins (Pop-Up Pins) for Sheet Alignment

This feature speeds up production by making loading and unloading much quicker and more accurate. This option installs 5 Industrial Pins (3 on the Y Axis and 2 on X Axis) for quick reference and alignment.

 This option will allow you to set 1 zero for multiple sheets of operation,  makes fixture location quick, allows you to flip or slide materials with reference of position all while reducing the operator error.

2D/3D Parts Digitizing Touch Probe

This feature allows you to turn your CNC machine into a 2D or 3D parts Digitizer by using a Styles Probe to scan over the working are and record points that then can be used in your 3D CAD/CAM package for scaling and modification.  This is great for copying parts, reverse engineering, or prototyping.

On-Table 4th Axis /Rotary Indexing Heads

This feature is the most industrial 4th Axis solution on the market. This allows you to turn your 3Axis Machine into a 4th Axis Lathe/Indexer making it possible to create chair legs, railing posts, gun stocks, and so much more. Includes Industrial Grade 4 Jaw Chuck and Direct Drive Motor for higher accuracy and higher torque.

Multi-Tool System (MTS)

The ShopSabre MTS Solution incorporates Single Cutting Head with Side Mounted Porter Cable Router, Spindle, or Additional Tool Changer heads. This feature allows you to add multiple cutting heads for mass production or simply add a 2nd cutting head for simple 2 tool operations.

*Note, this option will reduce X Axis Working Areas

Braille/ADA Sign Attachments/Tooling

Creating ADA/Braille signs is much easier with ShopSabre Technology, with the Braille Kit you get all you need to legally cut and product top quality Braille Signs. The Braille package also includes the ability to Auto insert the raster’s due to the upgraded drive technology in a ShopSabre CNC system – this means you spend less time hand inserting and more time profiting from long ADA jobs.  

*note tool changer is recommended for best performance.

Vision Systems for Registration Mark Reading from Flat Bed Printer

If you regularly use a flatbed printer or plotter to layout registration marks the ShopSabre Vision Recognition system is right for you.  This system installs an eye on your machine to find those registration mark and then offset the cutting parameters to avoid collision with your printed items on your substrate.  

*Note, this option will reduce X Axis Working Areas

Tangential Oscillating Knife System

If you require a drag knife, creasing wheel, or oscillating knife ShopSabre CNC offers a wide range of competitively priced name brand solutions. These systems mount on the gantry next to the cutting head requiring no switch over of parts to quickly go from routing to knife operation. Whether you work with Cardboard, vinyl, corrugated materials, rubber, or a wide range of soft foams – the ShopSabre knife system may be your next solution!

*Note, this option will reduce X Axis Working Areas

Dust Collector Options

CNC machines are like teenagers – they make a mess, ShopSabre CNC is happy to help you install a maid.

Available in many configurations to fit many needs ShopSabre CNC offers a wide range of reputable Dust Collectors so you have a turn-key solution.

Wireless Pendant Control with Jog Wheel

This feature allows you to take the control of your machine with you wirelessly. This hand control pendant is essentially a wireless remote for your ShopSabre CNC system. If you need to walk around the shop but want total control or if you simply want to walk away from the computer to the machine surface to set up a job, fixture, or location this feature makes it easy.

Aggregate and C-Axis Attachments for Auto Tool Changer

ShopSabre CNC offers a wide range of aggregate tools from Benz or HSD – whether you need Right angle, Multiple Angle, Saw Blade or Horizontal Boring we have an aggregate that fits the needs. If you need to rotate the aggregate so it can reach to all sides of the material you can also get the C-Axis attachment.

Nesting, Cabinet, 3D, 2D, and Photo Recognition Software Packages

Regardless of the machine you choose, you will need software to truly be successful, here at ShopSabre CNC we offer a wide range of software packages regardless of your needs. We partner with the industry’s most reputable partners and can offer you solutions for your Signs, Arts, Cabinets, Closets, Modeling, or Basic Drawing Needs – Whether you run 2D, 2.5D, 3D or even 4th Axis or Aggregate needs your ShopSabre rep. can provide a solution.

Safety Mats & Light Curtains

ShopSabre CNC recommends you speak with a local safety company for choosing the right safety features for your business. ShopSabre machines have the ability to be connected to many solutions including but not limited to – Light Curtains, Safety Mats, Gates, and Barriers. CNC Machines are dangerous but with the ShopSabre Emergency Stop capabilities you can make them much safer

Warning Light Bar

Is your Shop so Noisy a machine running cannot be heard? If so, this light tower lets you know when the machine is running or not running for quick reference and safety of your operator. This Tower illuminates Red or Green based on the machines actions and cycles automatically so your team can keep an eye on the work flow.

Private Training

If you require more assistance than our Industry leading Free-Training Course & remote Training abilities, ShopSabre offers Private Training options. With Private training you can purchase it on-site at your location or at our facility – During Training, there is a wide range of things we can focus on from Software, machine operation, or implementing our technology to your business.

Unist Coolant Lubrication Systems

If you work with aluminum regularly, the Unist Coolant system is the best way to extend tooling life, increase edge quality, and increase performance. This system is controlled with G-code commands, so you won’t need to worry about flooding your surface as it is a micro-droplet system designed for these machines. The Unist System sprays a calculated amount of fluid (with flow control) that will allow you to lubricate the cutting tool leaving very little remaining over, this system can also be used as an air blower with no coolant exiting the adjustable nozzles for your items like Plastics and Acrylics.

Auto Tool Changer Options - 5 and 10 Position

ShopSabre Tool Changers are available in 6 or 12 positions on most models, these systems are also upgradable in the field so you can start with 6 and go to 12 if you find your needs changing.

Here at ShopSabre CNC we also offer you the ability to buy 12 Positions with 6 Cones/Collets so you can grow with the machine or standard the 12 Position comes with the Cones, Collets, Wrenches, and Cone Holders – Yes even the holder and Wrench is included.

The RC holds up to 5 or 10 positions. The IS-M is only available in a 10 Position System.

CNC Router Touch Screen monitor

ShopSabre offers both Non-Touch Screen and Touch Screen Monitors for your everyday needs.

CNC Router Computer Stands and Mounts

ShopSabre offers you a wide range of computer mounting solutions from our on Machine Mounted Stands, Rolling Free Standing Cart, and Rolling Enclosed Control Stands.

*Note ShopMaster PRO come with Rolling Enclosed Stand Standard

Dust Dock and Containment Skirt

If you are processing sheets, we have the industry’s best Dust collection solution to date – the ShopSabre Dust Dock!

This system lowers the surface area you need to cover with dust collection focusing the air flow to the cutter directly to remove nearly 100% of the airborne dust and significantly increase dust control in your shop. Available in many configurations to fit both Tool Changers and Non-Tool Changers.

*Note, this option will reduce X Axis Working Areas

Tap Feature

ShopSabre offers true machine tapping abilities for your full production needs.

Vortex Tooling Packages

ShopSabre CNC offers the world’s most popular tooling – Vortex Tool from Wisconsin.

These tools are high quality, high performing, and highly supported!

POD Ready and Pod Solutions

ShopSabre CNC offers complete Pod Options for Raised Material Needs *Recommend Becker Pump

Boring / Drill Head Attachments

If you require rapid hole production or perform commercial closets the Boring or Drill Head Attachment can help you reduce time by as much as 50% depending on the number of holes you are running.

The Boring/Drill Head attachment is commonly found in shops producing 80+ sheets of material per day or performing strictly high quantity commercial work.

*Note, this option will reduce X Axis Working Areas

Rack and Pinion Available

ShopSabre offers Rack and Pinion Solutions to fit lower budget needs and lower accuracy cutting

Air Filter Package

ShopSabre CNC offers the world’s most popular Air Filter Package by Tsunami

These Filter Packages reduce moisture, debris, and contaminates in your air lines to increase machine performance.

Air Compressor Options

ShopSabre CNC offers Air Compressor Solutions to fit your CNC demands.

These Air Compressors are able to be purchased with a complete Air Dryer System or just as a compressor.

Marking / Light Engraving Laser

ShopSabre offers compatibility with the JTech & Opt Laser Attachments

This allows you to use your CNC Router as a CNC Laser for light duty applications

Air Blower

ShopSabre offers an Air Blower with adjustable flex hose for use with Compressed air. This option is great for forcing debris/chips away from the cutter during the cutting process.

T-Slot Clamps

ShopSabre offers T-Slot clamps for your hold down needs. This option works great for holding various materials in place where vacuum or mechanical hardware is not possible.

Creasing Wheel

ShopSabre offers the technology for creating creasing lines for folding material like cardboard. If you need to create boxes or mark material for folding this option is for you.

Cehisa Edgebanders

CEHISA’s proudly manufactured in Barcelona backed by USA support. CEHISA’s wide range of edgebanders is designed to cater to all carpenter needs and it is suitable for all sizes of carpentry workshops! 

Marker Pen Attachment Kit

ShopSabre offers a Marker Attachment with 5 different attachments from Marker to Pen and even a Pencil option. You can now use your ShopSabre to layout templates, mark parts, or simply create unique and cool designs.

This option is a truly affordable way to give your machine more versatility

Compatible with:

All Models

FAV3 Tool Changer Upgrade

If your job requires a number of tools or is time sensitive than the FAV3 is for you!

The ShopSabre FAV3 is a revolutionary design to propel CNC Tool Changing into the future.

FAV3 meaning Favorite 3 is great for production use, allowing your favorite 3 most commonly used tools to ride along the gantry saving you time changing tools.

Additionally, this opens up 3 additional tool positions giving you a massive 15 position ATC on the IS Series machine.

*Note, this option is only available at time of manufacturing

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