SideKick CNC Plasma

Industrial & Powerful CNC Plasma Cutter at Entry Level Cost!
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Every fabricator needs a SideKick, the ShopSabre SideKick CNC Plasma Series is designed to give you an edge over your competition. Entry level priced but Industrial designed, the ShopSabre SideKick Series brings technology that normally costs you $60,000 to a price you CAN afford! Whether your shop needs to run the CNC Plasma for 1-2 hours a week or 8+ hours every day the ShopSabre SideKick is built to perform! 

The SideKick Series is specifically FEA engineered, designed, and manufactured here in the U.S.A. Constructed of the heaviest Frame in the Light Industrial Class made from Large Structural Tubes welded together as a one piece frame paired with our industry famous Industrial Structural Tube Steel Gantry the machine Frame is built to handle the cutting forces of routing and heat tolerances of plasma continuously outperforming the competition.  Every ShopSabre SideKick Series comes standard with High Torque High Accuracy Motors with Encoder Technology on X, Dual Y, and Z Axis paired with Direct Drive Planetary Gears for higher accuracy, less maintenance, and more power! 

Loaded with the same high-end electronic components you’ll find on much larger industrial machines, the SideKick series gives you more capabilities without taking up more of your budget. Perfect for manufacturing plants, automotive shops, fabricators, schools, and many other settings, the SideKick series requires no assembly and can be put to work within minutes of its arrival to your shop! 

Need plasma and routing abilities in the same machine? The SideKick is the most advanced and capable combination table on the market by simply adding one of our CNC Router packages! You’ll be able to perform metal plasma cutting and wood routing with ease whether you are a hobbyist or a full production shop. 

Contact us today to learn more about the ShopSabre SideKick Series CNC plasma.

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Proudly made and Based in the USA
Lifetime Tech Support
CNC Training For Life
Financing Available


Highlighted Features

  • Dual Driven Y Axis (Long Axis)
  • Powered 100% by High Torque Industrial Closed Loop brushless motors with encoder technology
  • Direct Drive Planetary Gear Reduction XY Axis
  • Advanced Direct Drive Ball Screw Z Axis
  • Industrial Welded, stress-relieved, and Aerospace milled structural steel tube gantry construction with 8 Gantry Clearance Watch our steel vs aluminum video!
  • Industrial structural steel tube welded 6 Leg Frame with steel tube cross bracing for added stabilization and increased rigidity. No Extruded Aluminum or Low-Cost Bolt together Designs No assembly required
  • High Performance 25MM linear profile guide rails and bearings with Quad Rollers on all axis
  • ShopSabre exclusive low maintenance Floating Drive Technology for Improved XY Motion with Inverted Rack and Pinion to reduce maintenance and increase torque.
  • Breakaway Torch Mount with Built in Level for Easy Torch Alignment
  • Integrated Advanced Digital Torch Height Control with Ohmic Touch System (Ask for Details)
  • Integrated Touch Distance Control
  • Industrial Continuous Flex Robotic Wiring with Enclosed Wire Carriers for Wiring Protection and noise Isolation.
  • Complete Set of Table Slats with Slat Brackets Installed from Factory (Blow through design standard Water Table or Down-Draft Optionally Available)
  • 12 Month Subscription for Hypertherm ProNest LT Unlimited & EnRoute Fabrication 7 Features Nesting, 2D CAD/CAM, Shapes Library, Sign Making, Photo Importing, Lead Ins & Outs, & more! Hypertherm ProNest LT Unlimited. Enroute Fabrication 7.
  • Easy-to-learn software with point-and-click technology including AT machine CAD/CAM abilities Watch our plasma control screen video!
  • Integrated Plasma Cut Chart with Pre-Configured Material Library
  • At Machine Solid State Hard Drive for Easy Job Storage and Machine dedicated high speed multi-axis controller Technology
  • Includes Tracing Technology as seen on Powerblock TV Watch our search and restore video!
  • Machine Operator Control System with Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse. Includes Windows OS with full Networking and file management via USB and internet connectivity
  • Free SabreNation Life-Time Tech Support via Phone, Email, and Remote Diagnostic! Watch our support video!
  • Free SabreNation Life-time Training and SabreNation University Access!
  • Included Complete Warranty
  • Quick and Effortless Installation – Machine Ships Fully Assembled with No Installation Assistance Required!
  • MADE IN THE U.S.A. — American Manufactured & Engineered using FEA Software Watch our engineering video!
  • Optional Router Accessories Available for Routing needs
  • Grow with your business by expanding options that meet your exact needs Watch our expansion equipment video
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Well Equipped

  • Welded Structural Steel Frame & Structural Steel Gantry Bridge & Uprights
  • Ball Screw Drive Technology Z Axis with Planetary Drives & ShopSabre Floating Drive Technology Rack and Pinion XY Axis
  • 25MM Linear Guide Rails & Bearings on All Axis
  • Ethernet / Network Ready Machine Controller with at Machine PC & Windows OS
  • 12 Month Software License of Hypertherm ProNest LT & EnRoute Fabrication
  • Closed Loop Hybrid Digital Motors with Encoder Technology & Individual Amplifiers with Alarm System. Automation Control of Torch Arc Confirmation
  • Digital Torch Height Control with On-the-fly monitoring, quick one button adjustment, material library with pre-programmed cutter settings & parameters for Hypertherm Cutter.
  • Professional Enclosed Wire management system
  • Electronic Torch Collision Detection with Error/Collision Monitoring & self-alignment
  • Limit Switches and Boundary Sensing
  • Emergency Stop
  • Auto Material Touch (Ohmic Touch) with Fail Indicator
  • Full Table Bed of Steel Slats with Steel Slat Brackets
  • Welded Leak Tested 3” Water table with 5 Gallons of ShopSabre Plasma Defense Water Treatment
  • Hypertherm Powermax 45XP Plasma Cutter with Machine Torch and Machine Connectivity & Integration
  • XY Zero Laser Sights for material alignment & quick zero reference
  • Machine Maintenance Kit
  • ShopSabre SabreNation Support (Phone, email remote connectivity) for Life of Original Owner
  • SabreNation Training & University Access for life of Original Owner

SideKick 4

SideKick 8

SideKick 10

SideKick 12

Footprint 81" x 70" x 67" 81" x 118" x 67" 93" x 145" x 67" 105" x 166" x 67"
Cut Area 52" x 49" 52" x 98" 65" x 122" 78" x 146"
Z Clearance 8" 8" 8" 8"
Z Travel 9" 9" 9" 9"
Cutting Capacity up to 2" (Oxy-Fuel Recommended for over 1") up to 2" (Oxy-Fuel Recommended for over 1") up to 2" (Oxy-Fuel Recommended for over 1") up to 2" (Oxy-Fuel Recommended for over 1")
Repeatability +/-.002" +/-.002" +/-.002" +/-.002"
Rapid Traverse 1500IPM with Closed Loop Motors and Planetary Gear Drive 1500IPM with Closed Loop Motors and Planetary Gear Drive 1500IPM with Closed Loop Motors and Planetary Gear Drive 1500IPM with Closed Loop Motors and Planetary Gear Drive
Well Equipped $21,495.00 $23,995.00 $26,495.00 $29,495.00
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Finance for as low as
Finance for as low as
Finance for as low as
Finance for as low as


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SideKick CNC Plasma Features

Industrial Precision Frame

ShopSabre CNC Frames are FEA Engineered and Tested constructed from Massive 4x4 Structural Steel Tubes which are Welded for added rigidity. Each SideKick Series Frame comes with 6 Legs to giving you more floor contact and better vibration control. Each Leg is cross braced and reinforced with a Steel Tubes connecting at least 3 points add additional stiffness to increase the rigidity and Load capacity!

SideKick CNC Plasma Features

Closed Loop Motors

ShopSabre SideKick Machines come standard with Closed Loop Motors with encoders for Higher Speeds, Higher Accuracy, and Less Maintenance Self Monitoring Encoder Technology provides extreme performance Closed Loop Servos eliminate the Missed Steps, Loss of Accuracy, and Loss of Torque! Our motors will provide added acceleration & motor stability which helps with thin materials, tighter tolerance cutting, and longer duty cycles.

SideKick CNC Plasma Features

XY Axis Large Rack and Pinion

ShopSabre Sidekick Series machines are Driven by XY Axis large rack and pinion with ShopSabre Exclusive inverted Floating drive gear engagement technology. This technology allows your rack and pinion to reduce debris contamination while self-aligning for wear. This will increase the performance of the gear, increase gear life, and reduce your maintenance.

SideKick CNC Plasma Features

Aero Space Milling Technology

ShopSabre CNC Gantry Systems are Run through some of the worlds most advanced processes to assure they are accurate including Precision Milling of contact surfaces for Bearing & Rail Placement. A machine can only be as accurate as its foundation so the Frame on a ShopSabre is built to a tolerance above the competition.

SideKick CNC Plasma Features

Optional Table

Every SideKick comes with a Full Bed of Slats and your choice of Blow Through, Down-Draft, or Water Table Configuration Note: Down-Draft and Water Table are added costs. Each Water Table will include a Welded Pan with Water Test, Welded Slate Brackets, Ladder Frame Bracing, Added water table isolation diode technology, and Plasma Defense water treatment.

SideKick CNC Plasma Features
Industrial Drain with Water Table Purchase

ShopSabre CNC includes the large drain in the rear of the table with the purchase of a Water Table Option making it quick and easy to clean the table.

Industrial Z Axis Technology

ShopSabre SideKick Machines use Twin Rails on the Z Axis with 4 Bearings and Industrial Ball Screw Drive Technology. Every ShopSabre plasma included Advanced Digital Torch Height Control with Touch Distance Control Technology for quick and easy cutting. Each machine comes standard with a Magnetic Breakaway Torch mount with integrated level. We also offer our extremely popular Electronic Torch Collision Detection Technology with Proximity Sensors.

Precision Linear Guide Technology

ShopSabre CNC uses the latest in CNC Bearing Technology with 25MM Linear Guide Rails and Bearings on all Axis. Each axis has 4 Large Body Quad Bearing rollers with wipers to increase the performance of your machine. These Bearings assure the surfaces stay clean while increasing the machine rigidity under load which results in increased performance, increased cutting speeds and acceleration, and reduced maintenance in large part due to the ball bearing technology!

Industrial Precision Gantry

Just like our Frames, our gantry construction is constructed of massive heavy wall 4x10 Steel tubes that have been FEA Designed and Tested to provide higher cutting forces and less vibration. Steel handles heat much better than aluminum which allows the machine to hold tighter tolerances and run longer without concerns of heating and cooling causing the machine bridge to distort. The Larger tube also allows wider Bearing Spacing on our gantries to better handle the routing forces if you choose to add a router or drill to the machine while increasing cut speeds under normal high-speed plasma cutting. This heavier gantry construction increases your Z Axis to 8 which means you can bring larger jobs on to the ShopSabre without bridge clearance concerns.

Industrial Machine Control Included

Like everything on a ShopSabre, the machine comes complete with the industries easiest to operate controller with at machine CAD/CAM abilities and on-board diagnosis system.

Enclosed Plasma Wiring

ShopSabre does not cut corners, you can even see this in the wiring we use. Unlike our competitors we use industrial CNC Grade continuous flex robotic wiring to assure your machine can keep moving without wiring concerns. With CNC Plasma electronic noise can also be a concern which is why we use shielded wiring and then protect the wire from debris by using CNC Plasma rated wire carriers which enclose the wiring and protect them from debris which saves you the headache and time of chasing wiring concerns.

Planetary Gear Driven

Each ShopSabre SideKick Series plasma comes standard with our Direct Drive Planetary Gear system. This technology reduces maintenance and increases the speed and accuracy by removing belts and pulleys. Our combination of Servo motors and planetary gears allows our machines to produce a quicker motion without losing accuracy while remaining nearly maintenance free!

SideKick CNC Plasma Details


Software & Controller
  • 1 Year of Hypertherm ProNest LT Unlimited Features Nesting, 2D CAD/CAM, Shapes Library, Sign Making, Photo Importing, Ongoing Training & Support, and much more! Watch Video Now
  • Drawing to cut file in under 30 seconds
  • Easy to learn with included training, tutorials, and support
  • Just point and click! Pick cut strategies (Kerf Compensation, Lead In, Lead Out)
  • Easy-to-learn software with point-and-click technology including AT machine CAD/CAM abilities Watch our control screen video!
  • At Machine Solid State Hard Drive for Easy Job Storage and Machine dedicated high-speed multi-axis controller Technology
  • Included PC System with full Networking and file management via USB and internet connectivity
Uses & Applications

The SideKick Series has unlimited uses and applications, including:

  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Nested-based manufacturing
  • Sign making
  • Engineering
  • R&D/Job shops
  • Entry Level to Medium Production
  • Automotive

View All Applications

Materials Cut

The SideKick Series can accurately cut virtually any hard material including:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Stainless
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • and More

* Appropriate Safety Measures Recommended for Operators Safety*


Available attachments for ShopSabre CNC plasma models. Please note that some options may not be available on all models or with other options. Some options may result in limiting the cutting/working areas. Contact us for more details.

  • On-Table 4th Axis /Rotary Indexing Heads for Pipe & Tube
  • SideCar 4th Axis /Rotary Indexing Heads for Pipe & Tube
  • Control Centers & Enclosed Computer Cabinets
  • CNC router Upgrade for Plastic and Wood Cutting
  • Parts Digitizing Probe
  • Sheet Alignment Brackets
  • Down-Draft Single or Zoned Tables
  • Water Tables (Manual fill )
  • Touch Screen Industrial Machine Mounted Element Controller
  • Hand Control Pendant
  • Routing, Nesting, 3D, and Photo Recognition Software Packages
  • Plate Marking Scribe
  • Cutter Options (Thermal Dynamics & Hypertherm)
  • Oxy/Fuel Attachments
  • Torch Alignment Laser Sights
  • Torch Collision Detection
  • Defense Water Treatment
  • Running Warning Lights
  • Training (On-Site and In House)
  • Marker Pen Attachment
  • Water Table Splash Guards
  • Water Table Bubbler for use with Aluminum Cutting
  • Secondary Drill Head for Drilling Holes

See all Accessories and Options

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