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At ShopSabre CNC, we take great pride in the fact that all of our machines are 100% built and supported in the USA. Unfortunately, many customers don’t understand the value of American build until it is too late. Many times others are simply fooled into thinking that Chinese imports are a better investment because they can cost less. However, when you buy something that’s cheaper, the reality is that you are often paying for an inferior product. With an investment like a CNC router or plasma system, cutting costs upfront usually means losing a lot of money down the road. After all, these are not cheap consumables that you run to the store and buy another if it fails.

We want our customers to understand why American made is more than just a label or a sales pitch. It’s a true commitment to delivering the highest quality product while creating more jobs and helping local economies. Here are some of the many benefits of buying American CNC routers and plasmas:

Better Quality
All of the materials for our machines are truly engineered, designed, and handpicked to be the best quality and to fit together like they should. By manufacturing our machines in the USA, we have access to the technology, equipment, and materials that come together to create a flawless finished product. Our quality testing process is second to none, ensuring the machine you get will always work when you get it and for many years to come. Each phase of manufacturing has a check and balance process to assure nothing flawed gets to the final product. With our American made machines, you get the quality of an expensive European import for the cost of a cheap Chinese import.

Better Value
Many people think that American made is automatically more expensive. However, the opposite is often true. By keeping all of our manufacturing in the USA, we are able to oversee all expenses ourselves. This allows us to reduce overhead and waste. It also helps us save on freight costs. We don’t lose money on costly failures or other damages. In the end, these savings are realized by you, the consumer. You get a better product for less money. ShopSabre CNC systems also typically outlast our competitors’ import machines by two to three times therefore making the investment much less on a cost per year basis.

Better Support System
By building our machines right here in the USA, we are in a better position to provide you with the support you need to maximize the potential of your equipment. With firsthand knowledge of the manufacturing process, we understand every aspect of our machines and actually engineered them to work together. When you contact us for support, you are contacting the people who built the machines. Nothing gets lost in translation or has to wait days/weeks for time zone communication and long extended shipping times. Our expertise is built from the ground up along with our machines, and we know exactly what it takes to support them. You simply won’t get this type of knowledge and service when dealing with imports or companies bringing in products they simply buy on the internet and up-charge to you with their names on it.

Better for Everyone
When you purchase a ShopSabre CNC router or plasma system, you have the added benefit of knowing you are supporting the local economy, the same economy your business often depends on. You are not just buying from ShopSabre CNC, but you are helping create more American jobs which results in a better economy, better opportunities, and a better future for everyone. The more CNC machines we build in America, the more everyone wins.

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