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At ShopSabre CNC, we’re committed to delivering the products and support that meet all your CNC needs. Our machines have helped thousands of clients with a wide range of applications and requirements, and we can do the same for you. We are confident we have the top-rated support in the industry, below you can read what our actual customers are saying about our products, support, and company! 

  • “Morning Travis,

     I just got my 23 powered up yesterday.  My electrician buddy is very impressed with the machine.  We come from a factory where we had junk machinery and fantastic machinery.  This is in the fantastic machinery level.  I mean for the price of the 23 this is unbelievable.   I feel bad for the guy who bought my CWI machine.  This is like night and day compared with it.  I mean there is proper documentation, support great build quality.  The one I sold had none of the things I just mentioned.  I will be running a project in a few days once my 1/8” collet comes in.  I should have gotten one sooner as I use the 1/8” size cutters on almost all my jobs.  My mistake.  Anyways keep up the good work.”


  • “Hey Guys,

    About 10 years ago we bought a ShopSabre Model 4814. I just wanted to let you know that it has been an absolutely great machine for us. Except for some initial flubs, mostly because of my inexperience, it has proven to be an extremely reliable and durable machine. We are in the museum exhibit making business and I mostly use the machine for ‘one-offs’ or limited run copies. So though we don’t use it for production runs or for hours of running every day, it has never let me down when I needed it to work. If I was a bit younger or had more than just a few working years left ahead of me, I would certainly look for getting another machine from you. For now there’s no reason, this one continues to work flawlessly.

    Just wanted you to know how happy I have been with our purchase of a Shop Sabre CNC router.


    Joe R
  • I love our machine. It’s been a real blast operating it and making so many different things we could before.
    Everyone there I have talked with has been very helpful and extremely pleasant to deal with.
    No bad remarks from my end, I give you guys 5 stars.

    Thank you

    Taylor Creek
  • “I bought a side kick 8 from shop sabre in December 2019 . I am still as impressed now as the day I received it. the machine works wonderful. The Tech support team is A plus always there to help you with patience they go above and beyond . There was a learning curve to operate the side kick 8 but the tech team was always there to help me trough. Buying the side kick with Brandon went nice and smooth. The side kick 8 is well built . I also bought a Apex wide belt sander from them as well. also the same smooth transaction. I Highly Recommend shop sabre Thank you to the Tech Team and to Shop sabre for doing a great job . God Bless”

    Jerry Buck
  • Hi ShopSabre,

    Keith here. It’s been about a year that we’ve had our “mini-mighty” CNC from you guys and I just wanted to drop a quick line to say how much we have enjoyed having it as an addition to our company. 2020 will be remembered for many things and not a lot of good things, especially for small businesses. We were fortunate to have had the router during that time as it single-handedly kept us afloat for some time when other work dried up. I got to know the machine quite well when we routed truckloads of plywood for a local flooring mill. Secondly, the machine has added a whole new element to our lineup and has proven itself irreplaceable! We have had tremendous opportunity with the machine with so many different really neat products that we could never have dreamed of making before. I just wanted to say that we continue to enjoy the machine, the great customer service, and the ease of use for us. What a great product!

  • I just installed my Pro404 last week and WOW, this thing is seriously incredible. The speed and finish quality is unreal, and I know it’ll only get better as I get my programs dialed in. The sales, customer service and tech support staff is amazing as well, I’ve had prompt and accurate answers for every question I’ve called in with. If you’re considering a new CNC, I wouldn’t look anywhere else.

    Andrew Knight- Knightro Guitars
  • Running an IS408 out of the box like there is no tomorrow. This machine is amazing. My old cnc looks so incredibly lame sitting by this now. Had I made this purchase ten years ago I would be retired instead of wondering how I’ll eat tomorrow. Ugh… I love it ShopSabre team. In my case bought my last machine last ROFL… I can easily see now after using for two days that not buying this earlier is the biggest financial mistake I have made. Wish I had bought my last machine the first time like you guys suggest. I seriously regret buying two old used cnc machines in the past decade. This is by far the best purchase in machines ever made since starting the company. Thank you ShopSabre CNC and can’t say enough great things.

    William Lakatos
  • Brandon and Shopsabre team,

    We’ve had our IS408 for around 6 months now, but I knew right away that we made the right choice. I had no CNC experience at all when it arrived, but I was amazed at how quickly we were up and running. We cut a very large cabinet job within a week of getting it powered up! A few questions have come up over the months and I have been amazed at the responsiveness of the Shopsabre team. The machine has been amazing and we have been successful at everything we can throw at it. We bought a great product from a great company! Shout out to Logan, Chris, and Ben too. Thanks guys!

  • I just wanted to take a moment to thank ShopSabre and all the people involved in the purchasing process. From start to finish, it was a great experience.

    I have been using my ShopSabre 23 for a few months now. What a great CNC Router! The operating software is amazing. I don’t think it could get any easier to use. The tool height process, A++++! The cut and location accuracy is spot on. It’s simply a joy to use.

    Thanks again SHOPSABRE for producing a high quality American Made product.

    John Heath, Wood Sign Creations
  • I just wanted to take some time to commend ShopSabre on the fine Tech support and Service. I am a proud owner of an IS408 for about three years now. Ive built hundreds of Cabinets, Drawers, pieces of furniture on this machine with fantastic results. Recently I have customers who wanted me to add 3-D carvings to the Doors of their cabinets. My experience with V-Carve pro was very little, but with help from Ben Rugg I was able to take Clip art and other 3-D files and quickly come up with great designs to add value to my Products. ShopSabre is an excellent company from the top down and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a CNC to look no further and to contact Brandon at SS. You will not be sorry. Its been one of the best capital investments that Ive ever made.

    Mark Stremmel, Shell Creek Woodworks
  • Hi Brandon,
    I have been enjoying my router very much. As I write this I am just finishing up running about 100 sheets of plywood through it in the last couple of weeks. It hasn’t skipped a beat! I would like to say that you guys have made a product that is very well built. Also for someone with no previous experience, you have made it very user friendly. I like how uncomplicated you have made the machine control. I am very happy that I have made the decision to get into the CNC world. I would not go back to building cabinets the old way. Thank-you for building such a great machine.


    Eric Schmidt
  • Brandon,

    I just wanted to say a big heartfelt thanks to you and all of the crew at ShopSabre.  I have enjoyed the entire process of considering/buying/using my new IS408.  I still can’t get over how easy the whole setup was.  Early on in my consideration of a CNC machine, when I was talking to owners of other machines in my area, I was really concerned about the router setup and software integration process.  It didn’t seem like something that a person like me should do on my own.  Once I talked to some of the ShopSabre references you sent me, my confidence in the possibility of doing it myself was high enough to place the order.  I can’t stress enough how simple the machine setup and software integration (for both V-Carve Pro and Mozaik) were.  I just selected the correct post processor and ran my parts.  I almost couldn’t believe it because I had spoken with so many guys early on that told me their machine’s manufacturer sent out a tech for 5 days of setup and integration.  I received my machine at about noon, and cut my first (fun) project from V-Carve at about 6:00 pm (I had all of the wiring, dust collection, and air in place before the machine arrived).  It really was as easy as promised.  The parts I can produce now are super accurate, the process is fast, and with the dust dock, it’s much cleaner than I expected.  My biggest mistake was not buying the machine sooner.  Thanks for all of your help.

    Kirk Riffel - Creative Cabinetry, Inc.
  • I do contract CNC programming on my own full time. I see a lot of CNC machines so I think I have a pretty good understanding of CNC machines in general. The machine performed outstanding on all of my projects/jobs. Highly accurate smooth motion in all of the 3D milling programs. I am very impressed with the performance, quality of build and components. I don’t think there’s anything even close in the price range and I also think this machine outperforms machines that are 3 times more expensive from big brand names. Moreover, machine is made in USA and the components used, such as servos, ball screws and linear bearings are top of the line.

    People that are in the market for a CNC router that purchase anything else other than a ShopSabre don’t know/understand CNC machines in my opinion.

    C. Bisog
  • Hey Brandon,

    I got my 23 a month or two ago and couldn’t be happier.  I’m new to the whole CNC thing and can’t wait to do more with it.  Attached is a photo of my first project.  I made it for my cousin who was a Marine as a thank you gift.  Anyway, thanks for everything.

    USMC SemperFi Customer Creation

  • Y’all are my freaking heroes! That is amazing and I appreciate the assist more than you know. Five years after my purchase and you’re still working hard to make sure I get everything out of my machine. Truly the best American company around….and I mean that! I served 25 years in the Navy and proud to work with companies and people like y’all! Amazing!

  • Brandon, just wanted to say thanks for putting up with me. The machine is up and running with zero issues (knock on wood).

    We’re really happy with it so far. We were cutting up till 11am with our old machine on Thursday, took delivery of the new one at 1pm on thurs and were back up to standard production on mid day Saturday. 

    The machine hasn’t had any issues, to be able to just plug it in and have it run as expected speaks for the quality of the machine. The win software is also super easy to use!

    I’m surprised how much better the edge quality is for using the same cutting parameters from the old machine! We always had ad odd step on our edge that has gone away with this new machine.

    Thanks again, have a good week.  

    Keith R.
  • Brandon,
    Hope you are doing well.

    I have had our CNC running for the last 3 weeks now and OMG It’s awesome. The only down side is that my wife doesn’t like it cause I have been putting in longer hours just to run it.

    All the VPs here love it and every part is so precise and true. The company is already talking about the tool changer so I would say within the next year we will be purchasing the tool changer.

    Thanks for getting me the right machine.

  • Brandon,
    I am a true believer in ShopSabre machine and customer support. It is definitely a world of difference between ShopSabre’s machines vs. Your competition. The all heavy welded steel frame gantry, all massive ball screws versus flimsy aluminum gantry.

    I have been running IS Series with no problem for the last 5 months cutting 2″ solid Beech wood every day with 0 problem.
    My old machine (Your Competitor) can barely cut 1/2″ plywood. The machine was unpredictable and it stopped in the middle of the program when it felt like it.

    Every time I reinitialized it, I would lose the XY coordinates. Also the machine got zapped like flies by ESD even though I would ground the dust collection. I was really really really tired of it.

    I got a lot of great things to say about ShopSabre and the man behind it.

    J D
  • Hey Brandon,
    I’d just like to tell you how happy I am with my Shop Sabre purchase. Everything works flawlessly and it performs like something else. We’ve cut up many kitchens now, many out of melamine and many out of 3/4” birch plywood, “Wilma” that’s her name, cuts like nobody’s business, doing as many as 29 sheets one day! Long day, needless to say, but 20 sheets per day no problem. Brandon & the folks at Shop Sabre have been awesome with after sales service, and even just for asking a quick question, it’s been awesome!.thanks again.

    Ron Koser/ Old Country WoodWorking, Yukon Canada
  • About 3 years ago I made the mistake of purchasing a cheap Chinese machine off of Ebay. Well that “cheap” machine turned out to be what I would call a very expensive learning experience. In addition to my initial investment, I spent thousands of dollars trying to get the machine running properly. The spindle died 2 weeks after the 1 year warranty expired. One of the drivers and the power supply died within the first year. For some reason (never figured out if it was electrical or mechanical) the gantry would rock itself out of square. Tech support took days to respond or would often not respond at all. Long story short, I eventually came to the realization that no amount of time or money would get me where I needed to be. It was time to invest in a new machine. After careful consideration, I went with Shop Sabre. A friend of mine had been doing tool pathing work for another job shop that had two Shop Sabres often running 24 hours a day for weeks at a time. Knowing that they never complained about having any problems, my decision on who to go with was easy. Now that I’ve been up and running for a while now I know I made the right choice. Tech support is simply top notch. Every question I have called in with has been answered immediately and accurately. My cuts are exactly what I program them to be. Even complex shape inlays fit together snugly. I no longer spend time worrying about whether or not my machine can handle a particular job.

    Jean Astie
  • The ShopSabre has allowed us to increase productivity and accuracy. All of our cabinet box parts come off the table in a timely manner with tight measurement tolerances. We are able to eliminate or drastically reduce the manual work required on a cabinet part by marking, or machining the parts for various pieces of hardware. We are also able to machine custom parts on our CNC without complicated jigs or templates. (Fluted pillars, arched valances, etc.

  • Jason,
    Ben did a great job , give him a raise!
    Thank you for the service , Shop Sabre always exceeds my expectations.

  • Jason,
    Our Torch height runs great. I went up with the voltage and made a couple different adjustments but with the correct adjustment it runs very smooth.
    Thanks again. A+

  • We inputted info about the drive systems, ball screw vs rack and pinion, the weight, the servo systems, closed loop vs open loop, we tried to compare all relative aspects of a CNC machine to find out why the cost was $6,000 to $600,000, what we found was ShopSabre had all the expensive qualities but not the price, you guys simply gave us the most bang for the buck. Little did we know at that time we were buying a CNC that after 7 years of daily use would still be going strong, this thing seems bulletproof.

  • Hi Mike,
    I just moved the new router into our shop…will be hooking it up in the next few days. The first things I noticed were the size and strength of the ballscrews, ways and frame. In many areas it is a heavier machine than our $40k+ router.
    Nice work!

  • Mike,
    Thank you for sending the quote along. We are certainly interested in moving forward with this once the $ side of things falls in place on our end. We’ve been really happy with our machine, and your excellent technical service over the phone, and look forward to adding another to our shop.
    We’ll be in touch.

  • In addition to making the louver door and window styles, we now cut our cabinet parts with the machine. Its still early days yet, but this is a great addition to our shop.Our productivity is up significantly. I am pleased with this investment.

    Regards, Noel
  • I guess you can tell how much I like my Shopsabre. It’s been super dependable, incredibly accurate, has paid for itself many times over, and it’s made in the USA. What more could a guy ask for, except maybe another one? You can quote me on that!
    Take care, and tell Jim I said hello.

  • …The parts were cut up using your Shop Sabre router which is better than I ever imagined. I’ve been building fine furniture, cabinets and millwork for over twenty years but never with such ease and precision until I purchased your software and router.

  • I’m a crusty old cabinet maker, far from a computer guru. I’m thankful to be able to send e-mails, that’s about the extent of my computer knowledge. Needless to say I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be smart enough to use your software and run our new CNC machine. The truth is I, in a very short timeframe, am cutting up all my cabinet parts to include arches and any other shape I can draw. I’m amazed at how easy the ShopSabre CNC is to use. We put out more cabinets this last week than what we would typically have put out in a month. Thank you for a great product and incredible service!

  • Just to let you know that the advice and level of service which I have received from Jason has been nothing short of exceptional.

  • I entered into our email discussion feeling rather nervous about purchasing our first CNC router without seeing it prior to purchase. I fired a huge amount of questions at and he answered each question clearly and promptly. You have a really good, enthusiastic person working for you.

  • Dear Jason,
    I haven’t talked with you since the 4896 arrived here in Papua New Guinea, but I wanted to give you an update on things here. The Shop Sabre is a beautiful machine. I absolutely love it! Well designed and engineered, well built.

  • I started without any experience in CNC, and have quickly adapted, cutting almost all of our cabinet parts, chairs, dressers, tables on the machine. The cuts that we used to make on the band saw, router, inverted router have been mostly replaced by the Shop Sabre. It is fast and very accurate. Angles, curves, holes, slots… I guess I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know.

  • We have had the machine on-line since about April and have had no problems. The cost, quality, delivery are very competitive, and customer service has been excellent. We are also looking at purchasing two more machines to support production in our MEDTEC Ambulance plant.

  • Just wanted to shoot you a note that I couldn’t be happier with the performance of the machine. the upgrades of servo, air assist Z, and Columbo spindle were well worth the extra cost. You guys are building a great product.

  • I love this machine! It’s totally amazing. Your pictures on the website don’t do it justice.

  • Hey Jim I sent pictures of projects that I have done with the laser and the guy in Canada didn’t believe I did them with this machine.

  • I love this machine. You and your team have been great. Any time you feel the need send them my way.

  • I’ll show them any thing they want. I think Tim was blown away seeing the 3D stuff we were cutting.

  • Hey Jason, just dropping a line to thank you and the Shop Sabre team for a great machine. Hope to order more soon.

  • Jim, we have been using our 7214 eight hours a day for a couple of years now and we are very happy. I think we would like to add a second head could you call me?

  • What great machine thanks….
    We received our tool Friday of last week, and were up and running early yesterday. I want to thank you guys for making me look so good, and the many accolades.

  • I have received praise for the wise tool purchase.In my opinion the 4896 CNC is far and away the best balance of construction, cost, and performance on the market period.

  • We have found our Shopsabre (the 3636) to be quite accurate and fairly easy to learn to use. It still seems like very good value for the price. We use it for making plastic prototypes and some aluminum machining.

  • Tim has been running programs for the parts we needed to set everything up. He loves the new toy, so do I.

  • Jim, the machine is working great! My son would like to buy one just like mine. Send me a quote.

  • … better than I had ever imagined – I use it for full 3D prototyping in fibreboard and PU foam, and it has produced some beautiful pieces. Nobody who has seen it will believe it cost a penny less than 30,000 pounds (about $50,000).

  • Dear Jim,
    I just wanted to take a moment to say THANKS … THANKS again for the EXCELLENT support and FABULOUS machine.

  • Jim, your team is very special and I am glad that I chose my router from Shop Sabre! I am pushing the router to it’s limits almost every day and it is amazing how well it performs! Thanks for everything!

  • We encountered a problem Friday afternoon….of course…. we worked hard until 10:00 pm and had it fixed Saturday morning. Now that’s what I call Customer Support!

  • My son’s brother in-law………had heard that I bought a cnc router and he came to look at it. He was really impressed with it and was shocked when I told him I had about 10 grand in the whole setup. He said they had made a similar constructed one that ran on ways, and they sold for about 30 grand. He said I did good, real good. He was amazed at the small footprint of the controller and he thought the Shop Sabre CNC program was awesome.

  • I am also constantly impressed by your customer service, before and after purchase, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a company in the UK that can even come close (sadly).

  • You guys do a kick ass job !!! It’s a great machine !!!

  • It was worth the wait !!! What a beautiful piece of American made machinery !!! I can’t wait to get it set up and running.

  • My impressions are that I got a good value for my money, The machine is sturdy, and I was able to put it to work very soon after arrival.

  • Jim,
    machine is running great, love it. I would like to get another dust collector assembly have Mark call me…….

  • This thing is a door making machine! What used to take me 6 hours now takes me 30 minutes. Next we want to get the fourth axis.

  • We are cutting 36 inch letters out of 1/2″ aluminum plate with our 7214. We can’t believe the quality.

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