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Often imitated but never duplicated, ShopSabre’s American-made CNC Routers feature cutting-edge technology and premium components, the kind typically only seen on much higher-priced machines. With a wide array of custom configurations—from advanced dust control to impressive drill heads and state-of-the-art tool changers—you’ll be empowered to exploit your CNC router’s full potential. Embrace ShopSabre CNC Routers and seize ultimate control over your machining and woodworking endeavors.

Parts to Keep You Running

In house inventory & same-day shipping keeps your business on track with less downtime.

CNC Training For Life

We offer a wide variety of free training tools to help you make the most of your machine.

Financing Available

Receive better rates and better terms with our versatile financing and leasing options.

CNC Plasma Tables and Cutters Built for You

ShopSabre is proud to bring you True American-made CNC plasma cutting tables at a price that can’t be challenged by anything in a similar price range. Our CNC plasma tables and cutters feature state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and high-quality components.

Every CNC Plasma table is loaded with capabilities not optionally offered by the competition. Our range of custom options allows you to unleash the possibilities of your CNC plasma table. From 4th-axis pipe cutting options to advanced cutting solutions of High Definition, our various CNC machines can be configured to deliver in any industry and tailored to handle a wide range of applications. Don’t be limited by the out-of-the-box capabilities of cheap or imported products.

CNC Plasma Table Uses & Applications

Our commitment to industrial strength and unbeatable customer service ensures your CNC plasma table or cutter will deliver the perfect results. 

Every ShopSabre CNC table or plasma system is carefully built to perform from the moment you get it. 

A ShopSabre, our CNC plasma tables have many advantages over the competition, including:

  • Top-rated material, Technology, and construction are often found only in machines retailing for $100,000 or more
  • Industrial-strength gantry upright construction for the highest level of precision
  • High-precision motion components including state-of-the-art drive technology ensure the highest accuracy, cutting forces, and performance possible even after heavy usage
  • Advanced and name-brand electronics to give you the most torque and precision in any CNC plasma table system competitively priced
  • CNC grade motion controller with PC OS compatibility gives you the ease of a computer with the same capabilities you’d find in a standalone control tower
  • Fully Welded Frames – No Bolts or Kit Systems
  • Engineered and Tested – Not Piece together Kits
  • No assembly or Installation is required – simply drop it in place, connect power, and go to work
  • Custom-built for your specific needs and budget with many available options
  • True CNC continuous flex robotic wiring is specifically designed for the type of work a CNC router is supposed to do
  • Complete warranty and FREE lifetime tech support to give you peace of mind
  • Truly USA-engineered, developed, fabricated, assembled, and supported

CNC Plasma Table Uses & Applications

CNC plasmas have a wide range of applications and can handle virtually any metal. Our plasma tables are commonly used for:

  • Construction and carpentry
  • Custom Fabrication Shops
  • Prototyping & R&D
  • Plate Processing – Nested Work
  • Hot Rod & Race Shops
  • Farming Industry
  • Signs and Decor
What types of material can I cut with my CNC plasma table?

Due to the technological advantages of our CNC plasma cutting tables, we are able to provide you with more full production capabilities than typical plasma cutting machines. Our plasma tables are most commonly used to cut steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and other conductive metals.

Please Note proper safety measures should be considered and taken for various materials.

Where are your CNC plasma tables made?

All ShopSabre and CNC machines and plasmas are 100% American-made. From the engineering/development to welding, painting, wiring, and final testing and assembly, we truly are the manufacturer.

How can you offer such great quality for such a low price compared to competitors?

Our machines aren’t the cheapest, but they are the best value. Unlike cheap imports and other low-cost American companies, we use only the highest quality materials and build technology. This actually helps us to cut costs by reducing our overhead and labor times while also reducing our maintenance and support demands in the field.

What is included in your lifetime tech support?

When we say free lifetime tech support, we mean we’ll do everything we can to support your machine for as long as you own it. We offer free and convenient tech support via email, phone, and internet connectivity. In rare cases, it may be necessary to send a technician out to service your machine. While on-site support is not free, it is very rare since our phone, email, and on-board diagnosis systems allow our team to be more hands-on. 

What do I do if my machine stops working?

Contact our support team immediately and we’ll be ready to help you troubleshoot. In rare cases, we may need to provide on-site support, but we suggest getting in touch with our team first as in many cases on-site will not be necessary. As a valued ShopSabre customer, you can expect that we will do everything we can to get your machine working immediately with minimal expense to you.

How do I know your machines are as good as you say they are?

Our many satisfied customers can back up our promises to you. Simply ask for references or see what real ShopSabre shop owners have posted about our products and services. We stand behind every aspect of our machines, but we don’t want you to take our word for it. We also encourage you to look at more expensive machines and compare the quality to one of ours. Most of our customers who’ve purchased other machines or have seen other machines in action are blown away by the quality and value of our CNC plasmas.

What if I have never used a CNC Machine before, will I be able to figure it out?

Many of our clients are first-time CNC users. With our lifetime technical assistance line, you can be assured you’ll always have someone to speak with when you need help. We also include access to the ShopSabre basic training class with every purchase of a new ShopSabre CNC plasma. You’ll get hands-on experience without the expense of paid training. We also include a manual with the machine and software that has built-in tutorials.

Do I need Servo Motors on my machine?

Many companies only sell one type of motor and claim it is “the best around.” Here at ShopSabre CNC, we offer name-brand Servo & Stepper Motors for a wide range of applications. Our SideKick Series comes standard with Teknic Servo Motors. For those who require added speed and performance, we do sell upgraded AC Digital Servo motors with amplifiers on our ShopMaster PRO Series where you find speeds in excess of 2000.

Why is steel construction important?

Steel is critical because you are cutting with heat, and heat will translate into deflection over time of heating and cooling. Aluminum has a much lower melting point which results in a higher risk of deflection in your CNC system when you are cutting from the heating and cooling. The steel construction brings a higher rigidity allowing you to add thicker plates without risk of sagging or bending in the frame.

As a business owner, it’s really important to me To have a machine I can rely on.”

April Wilkerson
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