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The ShopSabre Tube Cutter (TC) Series features a robust American Made design, proudly engineered right here in Lakeville Minnesota and backed by our industry leading support. This machine offers versatility to process round, square, and rectangular tube all from the same machine with ease. Whether your work includes decorative design (gates, railings, fences), motorsports fabrication, automotive, off-road fabrication, exhaust systems, or simply are a pipe fabricator this is a tool you must have.  

The ShopSabre TC Series comes in two distinct sizes the TC-12 for 12 foot processing & the TC-24 which offers a 24 foot processing size.

Both machines feature an onboard computer system for ease of operation, Hypertherm Rotary Tube Pro Software, and an industrial frame design including a Steel 8” tailstock with through capacity of a 7” hypotenuse. If you are in the market for a Tube Cutter, look no further as ShopSabre’s TC Series will change the way you do business!

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Proudly made and Based in the USA
Lifetime Tech Support
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Highlighted Features

  • Torch Collision Detection
  • Laser Sight for Quick XY Zero
  • Marking Package Optional (Marker Pen & Scribe)
  • Hypertherm Plasma Cutter Optional – Powermax 45xp, 65, 85, and 105
  • Hypertherm Rotary Tube Pro Included
  • ShopSabre on-board controller with Integrated PC System and at machine Windows OS & Storage hard drive
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Tube Cutter 12 Foot (TC-12)

Tube Cutter 24 Foot (TC-24)

Power Requirement 110V – 15AMP 110V – 15AMP
Operating Size 168" x 70" x 60" 312" x 70" x 60"
Cut Area Maximum 144″ Length / Minimum part size 12″ length Maximum 288″ Length / Minimum part size 12″ length
Maximum Material Thickness 5/8" 5/8"
Cutting Capacity Up to 6" - Cutter Dependent Up to 6" - Cutter Dependent
Rotary Plasma Cutter 12 foot (144 inches) long tube 24 foot (288 inches) long tube
Minimum Process Length 12 inches 12 inches
Rapid Speed 1500IPM Y Axis at 50% Weight Limit; 1000IPM Y Axis at 100% Weight Limit; 500IPM XZ Axis 1500IPM Y Axis at 50% Weight Limit; 1000IPM Y Axis at 100% Weight Limit; 500IPM XZ Axis
Shipping Weight 1500lbs 1500lbs
Maximum Cutting speed 15,000 degrees per minute - 41RPM 15,000 degrees per minute - 41RPM
Well Equipped $29,995.00 $34,995.00
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Finance for as low as


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ShopSabre TC Series Features

Dimension limits diagram

ShopSabre TC Series Details


Key Features
  • At machine Windows OS with built in storage hard drive
  • Closed Loop Motion Control with Encoder Feedback on all Axis
  • Manual adjusting Chuck head & tail stock chuck with automated tailstock motion.
  • Integrated Torch Height Control with Ohmic Touch
  • Integrated Torch Collision Detection with Auto Recovery (Restart feature)
  • Industrial designed Tail Stock– Steel 8” Diameter
  • Industrial designed Head Stock with 7” Hypotenuse passthrough design
  • Industrial Tube Steel Frame Design
  • American Made
Software & Controller
  • 3 – 110V. Single Phase Power outlets for machine
  • 220V 1Ph. or 208/230 3Ph. depending on cutter selected.
  • Plasma mechanized head (available with purchase of machine)
  • Compressed Air (Compressor size depends on options & cutter selection)
  • Internet connection Recommended for Onboard diagnostic, training, and updates (Machine will run without connection)
Uses & Applications

The Tube Cutter Series has many uses and applications, including:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangle
Materials Cut

The Tube Cutter Series can cut a wide range of material:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Mild Steel
  • Chrome Alloy
  • Any electrically conductive metal

* Appropriate Safety Measures Recommended for Operators Safety*

  • Hypertherm Powermax 45, 65Sync, 85Sync, and 105Sync
  • Marking Package Available – Includes Marker Pen & Scribe

Expected Delivery Starting by March 2024 for Pre-Sale Purchases.

Hear from ShopSabre Customers

While our machines speak for themselves, hear what our customers say about their experience.

“I wanted something American made so I could get support and service right away”

Mikey Franco
Founder & CEO
Franco Snowshapes

It’s gonna show up ready to work.”

Tay Whiteside
Owner & Lead Fabricator
LiftArc Studios

As a business owner, it’s really important to me To have a machine I can rely on.”

April Wilkerson
Wood Shed

It’s the people who actually build, operate, and setup the machines.”

Paul Okami
KoAloha Ukulele

“People that are in the market for a CNC router that purchase anything else other than a ShopSabre don’t know/understand CNC machines in my opinion.”

C. Bisog

“I am also constantly impressed by your customer service, before and after purchase, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a company in the UK that can even come close (sadly).”

“We have had the machine on-line since about April and have had no problems. The cost, quality, delivery are very competitive, and customer service has been excellent. ”

American Made

Every ShopSabre machine is proudly engineered, developed, manufactured, assembled, and supported in our state-of-the-art facility on American soil—and that is never going to change.

Lifetime, Anytime Support

Whether in need of guidance during purchasing, clarity during setup, or input during rollout and optimization, our passionate team of experts is ready and waiting to assist.

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