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ShopSabre is proud to bring you 100% American made CNC plasma machines at a price that can’t be challenged by anything in a similar price range. Our CNC plasmas offer state-of-the-art technology and high-quality components you’d expect to find in machines that cost two to three times as much or sometimes more.

Although our standard CNC plasmas come loaded with capabilities, we also have the options to give you the exact specifications you need as no two facilities are alike. Our wide range of custom accessories and options allow you to unleash the possibilities of your CNC plasma table. From multiple 4th axis options to advanced cutting solutions, our CNC plasmas can be upgraded to deliver in any industry. Don’t be limited by the out-of-the-box capabilities of cheap imports. Get the features you need to produce the finishes you want.

Standard Available Options

Available attachments for ShopSabre CNC plasma models. Please note that some options may not be available on all models or with other options. Some options may result in limiting the cutting/working areas. Contact us for more details.

On-Table 4th Axis

The ShopSabre Pipe cutting attachment allows for on-table pipe cutting of up to 5” Max Jaw Capacity up to the length of working area. The ShopSabre on-table system is both effective and space saving and this attachment is equipped with an industrial 4 Jaw Lathe style chuck head for increased clamp power and improved cutting accuracy

SideCar 4th Axis

The ShopSabre SideCar allows your machine to utilize pipe up to 10”in Diameter and can be custom-built for higher demands. This SideCar attachment places the large pipe next to the machine with an industrial 3 Jaw Lathe style chuck head for increased clamp power and improved cutting accuracy

2D/3D Parts Digitizing Touch Probe

This feature allows you to turn your CNC machine into a 2D or 3D parts Digitizer by using a Stylus Probe to scan over the working area and record points that then can be used in your 3D CAD/CAM package for scaling and modification.  This is great for copying parts, reverse engineering, or prototyping.

Compatible with:

All Models

Wireless Pendant Control with Jog Wheel

This feature allows you to take the control of your machine with you wirelessly. This hand control pendant is essentially a wireless remote for your ShopSabre CNC system. If you need to walk around the shop but want total control or if you simply want to walk away from the computer to the machine surface to set up a job, fixture, or location this feature makes it easy.

Laser Sight for Quick Zero Reference

The ShopSabre Plasma Laser Sight provides a quick reference point where accuracy is not as critical but alignment is necessary for XY Zero Reference .

Safety Mats & Light Curtains

ShopSabre CNC recommends you speak with a local safety company for choosing the right safety features for your business. ShopSabre machines have the ability to be connected to many solutions including but not limited to – Light Curtains, Safety Mats, Gates, and Barriers. CNC Machines are dangerous but with the ShopSabre Emergency Stop capabilities you can make them much safer

Warning Light Bar

Is your Shop so Noisy a machine running cannot be heard? If so, this light tower lets you know when the machine is running or not running for quick reference and safety of your operator. This Tower illuminates Red or Green based on the machines actions and cycles automatically so your team can keep an eye on the work flow.

Private Training

If you require more assistance than our Industry leading Free-Training Course & remote Training abilities, ShopSabre offers Private Training options. With Private training you can purchase it on-site at your location or at our facility – During Training, there is a wide range of things we can focus on from Software, machine operation, or implementing our technology to your business.

Sheet Alignment Brackets

The Sheet Alignment Brackets give you a quick alignment option for your plates by placing steel stops in the table to give you ultimate repeatability and shield yield.

Down-Draft Single or Zoned Tables

For those cutting Aluminum regularly and prefer not to purchase the ShopSabre bubbler option or if you simply just do not want a water table. ShopSabre CNC offers both Single Zone on the SideKick and Multiple Zone on the ShopMaster Down-Draft options. On our Multiple Zone systems, they are automated to open and close with position of the cutting head to assure maximum extraction to the cutting area.

Water Tables

The most popular option for most is the Water Table option, this is a welded structural steel pan with integrated drain and cover. This system is available in 3” or 6” depth and can include an integrated bubbler for use with aluminum cutting. This feature reduces smoke, increases consumable life, and improves your cutting performance. Note- This feature comes standard on the ShopMaster product at 24” Depth.

Routing, True Shape Nesting, Engraving, and Pipe Cutting Software All Available

Regardless of the machine you choose, you will need software to truly be successful, here at ShopSabre CNC we offer one of the most complete packages standard in the CNC Plasma industry but if you need a specialty software, we also offer a wide range of software packages. We partner with the industry’s most reputable partners and can offer you solutions for your routing, engraving, pipe cutting, and true-shape nesting Needs

Plasma Cutter Options

ShopSabre offers the ability to buy a turn-key solution with the option to purchase from two top rated CNC Automation cutters on the market today – Hypertherm & Thermal Dynamics with True Machine Torch Technology and Full Support and Warranty.

High Definition & X Definition Options

If your cutting needs extend beyond standard air plasma, we have the solution with the Hypertherm and Thermal Dynamics HD Cutting solutions. This Includes the Hypertherm MAX PRO 200, Hypertherm HPR, Hypertherm XPR 170 and XPR 300 Units.

Oxy-Fuel Torch System

If you require higher cutting capacity ShopSabre CNC offers Oxy-Fuel Torch accessories so you can use both Oxy Fuel and Plasma Cutting Torches on your automated CNC plasma machine.

Torch Collision Detection

ShopSabre CNC machines all come standard with a Breakaway Torch Mount but if you need more secure cutting options, we offer optionally the most advanced collision detection system on the market. The ShopSabre Torch Collision system offers the industry’s most advanced collision warning system with a fix mounted torch and proxy switch sensor ring which allows the machine to recognize pressures in X, Y, and Z Axis to prevent improper torch alignment and collision. Unlike cheaper units that use a breakaway torch mount with a micro switch this system produces a true safety compliant collision technology to assure the machine immediately stops in the event of collision.

Plasma Defense Water Treatment

ShopSabre CNC machines equipped with Water Tables come standard with Plasma Defense – you can also purchase refills from us.

The ShopSabre plasma defense is green in color and reduces rust and standing water smells commonly associated with water tables and can be shipped around the world with compliance.

CNC Router Upgrade for Plastic and Wood Cutting

ShopSabre CNC offers the most advanced combination table capabilities on the market by combining our exclusive CNC router division’s technology and the CNC Plasma division’s technology to provide a truly more capable CNC Plasma with Router ability. Most CNC Plasma competition has no True CNC router experience or engineering, here at ShopSabre CNC we have been building industrial routers for over 20 years!

CNC Plasma Drill Feature

If you require both Plasma cutting but also drilling of smaller than Plasma capable holes the ShopSabre Drill Head may be the answer. This feature gives you increased production and extra shop capabilities.

CNC Plasma Computer Stands & Mounts

ShopSabre offers you a wide range of computer mounting solutions from our on Machine Mounted Stands, Rolling Free Standing Cart, and Rolling Enclosed Control Stands.

*Note ShopMaster PRO come with Rolling Enclosed Stand Standard

CNC Plasma Touch Screen Monitor

ShopSabre offers both Non-Touch Screen and Touch Screen Monitors for your everyday needs.

Plasma Splash Guard

The ShopSabre Splash Guards allow you to run closer to the edge of your over-sized water table with reduces water splash. This feature also reduces material debris that can get on the linear guide ways or your floor – this reduces maintenance in your shop.

Automated Air and Amp Control Feature

This feature allows the machine control to fully control your settings on your Hypertherm Plasma Cutter – this feature allows you to change materials and the system automatically set your amperage setting, cut parameters, and air pressure settings.

Air Filter Package

ShopSabre CNC offers the world’s most popular Air Filter Package by Tsunami

These Filter Packages reduce moisture, debris, and contaminates in your air lines to increase machine performance.

Air Compressor Options

ShopSabre CNC offers Air Compressor Solutions to fit your CNC demands.

These Air Compressors are able to be purchased with a complete Air Dryer System or just as a compressor.

Vibratory Plate Marking Scribe

The Vibratory plate marking scribe is designed for the metal industry, this system allows you to surface mark using a vibratory plate etching system for items like hole marking, part numbers, fold lines, and weld indication.

EZ Sanders

ShopSabre CNC offers Industrial built EZ Sanders developed to fit the needs of both the small metalworking job shop as well as the larger shop looking for an affordable way to get a small wide belt to eliminate periodic jobs that require hand sanding or deburring.

ShopSabre Quench Guard Water Treatment

When cutting with aluminum you have to consider the risks associated with the gases that are produced. The ShopSabre Quench Guard solution is a safer alternative to traditional water treatment making it possible to cut Aluminum with your water table. While you still must take some safety measures this solution helps reduce the risk and gives you more versatility with your plasma machine.

ShopSabre Tool Measure Technology

If you plan to make your machine dual purpose or add the drill feature then knowing the length of your bits is important. The ShopSabre Tool Measure Technology allows for quick measurement electronically to give you faster setups and more accuracy with your spinning bits!

ShopSabre Dust Skirt

When using a Plasma machine with a Router attachment you want to make sure to clean up the mess. ShopSabre offers a quick attach dust skirt so you can easily connect a dust collector to your router accessory and reduce the mess!

Marker Pen Attachment Kit

ShopSabre offers a Marker Attachment with 5 different attachments from Marker to Pen and even a Pencil option. You can now use your ShopSabre to layout templates, mark parts, or simply create unique and cool designs.

This option is a truly affordable way to give your machine more versatility

Bubbler Option

The ShopSabre Bubbler option is a great solution for those who need to cut aluminum with their plasma machine but want the benefits of a water table design.

Historically, water tables and aluminum haven’t gotten along but with the bubbler this gives you the ability to connect compressed air to your table to circulate the water and reduce the risks of gas bubbles getting trapped in the water creating unsafe work environments that are associated with aluminum plasma cutting.

*Note bubbler does require extended water table option on SideKick Models & removal of adjustable ballast tank on ShopMaster PRO Series*

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