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Answering Your CNC Questions

At ShopSabre, we want to make your CNC experience as good as possible. That’s why we’ve built machines that deliver unbeatable performance and value. We’ve also created a customer support system that allows you to get the most out of your machine. Here are some common questions that our customers have. If you have additional questions, please contact us today.

What types of material can I cut with my CNC router/plasma?

Due to the technology advantages of our routers and plasmas, we are able to provide you with more cut forces than the average CNC machine. With appropriate tooling, your machine can handle many different materials. Some of the materials you can cut with your ShopSabre CNC router include wood, acrylic, aluminum, brass, plastic, foam, phenolic and other solid surface materials. Your CNC plasma can cut most metals, including steel, brass, copper, and aluminum.

Where are your CNC routers and plasmas made?

All ShopSabre CNC routers and plasmas are 100% American made. From the engineering to welding, painting, wiring, and assembly, we truly are the manufacturer. We use only the finest quality materials and build all of our machines right here in the our facility in Elko, Minnesota.

How can you offer such great quality for such a low price compared to competitors?

Our machines aren’t the cheapest, but they are the best value. Unlike cheap imports and other low cost American companies, we use only the highest quality materials and build technology with components you will recognize by name. Using these materials and technology actually helps us to cut costs by reducing our overhead and labor times while also reducing our support demands in the field. This also allows us to provide free lifetime technical support with every new ShopSabre CNC machine.

What is included in your lifetime tech support?

When we say free lifetime tech support, we mean we’ll do everything we can to support your machine for as long as you own it. We offer free and convenient tech support via email, phone, and internet connectivity. In rare cases, it may be necessary to send a technician out to service your machine at an additional cost determined by the specific situation. While on-site support is not free, it is very rare since our phone, email, and on-board diagnosis systems allow our team to be more hands. We have the top-rated support in the industry, and we can often solve your issues remotely.

What do I do if my machine stops working?

Contact our support team immediately and we’ll help you troubleshoot. In rare cases, we may need to provide on-site support, but we suggest getting in touch with our team first as in many cases on-site will not be necessary. As a valued ShopSabre CNC customer, you can expect that we will do everything we can to get your machine working immediately with minimal expense to you.

How do I know your machines are as good as you say they are?

Our many satisfied customers can back up our promises to you. Simply ask for references or see what real ShopSabre owners have posted about our products and service. We stand behind every aspect of our machines, but we don’t want you to take our word for it. We also encourage you to look at more expensive machines and compare the quality to one of ours. Most of our customers who’ve purchased other machines or have seen other machines in action are blown away by the quality and value of our CNC routers and CNC plasma systems.

What if I have never used a CNC Machine before, will I be able to figure it out?

Many of our clients are first time CNC users. With our lifetime technical assistance, you can be assured you’ll always have someone to speak with when you need help. We also include access to the ShopSabre CNC basic training class with every purchase of a new ShopSabre CNC Router or Plasma. You’ll get hands-on experience without the expense of paid training. We also include a manual with the machine and software that has built-in tutorials.

Still have questions? Contact us today.

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