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CNC routers have revolutionized the cabinet and furniture-making industry by seamlessly merging traditional artistry with modern precision.

From intricate wood carvings to precise joinery, ShopSabre’s CNC routers enable the production of complex components that were once painstakingly handcrafted. And by optimizing material usage and reducing waste, our machines align with the industry’s growing emphasis on sustainability and innovation, ushering in a new era of creative possibilities in cabinet and furniture making.

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strain hardening aluminum alloy that offers corrosion resistant cnc cutting
Why ShopSabre

Industry leading Product Technology & Durability

Industrial strength and customer service are the bedrock of a ShopSabre CNC router.

Designed to meet rigorous industrial CNC standards, our CNC machines ensure uninterrupted usage, allowing owners and operators to initiate work effortlessly—without the need for constant adjustments. Crafted for durability and performance, each ShopSabre CNC router is engineered to surpass our competitors, offering you a reliable advantage through consistent, high-quality output.


  • Premium materials and technology (Commonly found only on $150,000+ machines)
  • Industrial strength frame and gantry construction for maximum durability
  • FEA-engineered designs with FARO measurement technology (on most models)
  • Extended working areas and clearances for cutting larger parts and pieces
  • State-of-the-art drive technology for improved accuracy and cutting force
  • User-friendly, CNC-grade motion control and full PC compatibility
  • Ships fully assembled, tested, and ready to use—no assembly required!
  • Field-expandable with upgrade options so you can grow with your machine
Hear From Cabinet & Furniture Makers Like You

“I’m a crusty old cabinet maker, far from a computer guru. I’m thankful to be able to send e-mails, that’s about the extent of my computer knowledge. Needless to say I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be smart enough to use your software and run our new CNC machine. The truth is I, in a very short timeframe, am cutting up all my cabinet parts to include arches and any other shape I can draw. I’m amazed at how easy the ShopSabre CNC is to use. We put out more cabinets this last week than what we would typically have put out in a month. Thank you for a great product and incredible service!”

“Y’all are my freaking heroes! That is amazing and I appreciate the assist more than you know. Five years after my purchase and you’re still working hard to make sure I get everything out of my machine. Truly the best American company around….and I mean that! I served 25 years in the Navy and proud to work with companies and people like y’all!”


“Brandon, just wanted to say thanks for putting up with me. The machine is up and running with zero issues (knock on wood). We’re really happy with it so far. We were cutting up till 11am with our old machine on Thursday, took delivery of the new one at 1pm on thurs and were back up to standard production on mid day Saturday. The machine hasn’t had any issues, to be able to just plug it in and have it run as expected speaks for the quality of the machine. The win software is also super easy to use! I’m surprised how much better the edge quality is for using the same cutting parameters from the old machine! We always had ad odd step on our edge that has gone away with this new machine.”

Keith R.

American Made

Every ShopSabre machine is proudly engineered, developed, manufactured, assembled, and supported in our state-of-the-art facility on American soil—and that is never going to change.

Lifetime, Anytime Support

Whether in need of guidance during purchasing, clarity during setup, or input during rollout and optimization, our passionate team of experts is ready and waiting to assist.


Not sure which machine is right for you and your production? Schedule a free consultation with one of our in-house experts for personalized, one-on-one guidance.

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