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Questions to Ask When Shopping

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Getting the Right CNC Machine for You

Buying a CNC router or plasma system is not a simple purchasing decision. These machines are a major investment that will have a major impact on your business or hobby. If you choose the wrong machine, you will be out thousands of dollars and regretting your decision. If you get the right machine the first time, you will not only save yourself from the headache of having to replace a bad machine, but you will also gain a leg up on the competition as you produce better finished products and build your reputation with your customers.

Before you purchase your CNC router or plasma, make sure you have thought about these questions and how they relate to your needs.

Q: How long will this machine last?
A: A high-quality CNC router or plasma will last many years and produce many perfect cuts. With ShopSabre technology many ShopSabre customers are still getting flawless results from machines that are more than ten years old. With proper care and maintenance, you should expect your machine to last you for as long as you need it.

The first ShopSabre CNC produced over 20 years ago is still operational in field today and fully supported by our team!

Q: Will I have to put my machine together myself?
A: Not with ShopSabre, The best machines come fully assembled and ready to use. Every ShopSabre CNC machine is built with a solid structural steel frame and come fully assembled, pre-calibrated, and pre-tested. 

The Installation process on a ShopSabre is quick and easy and can be done in minutes/hours not days or weeks. 

You paid us to do the work, you should expect your machine to arrive complete. 

Q: Where will my machine be built?
A: Knowing where your machine is coming from is important. If a manufacturer won’t tell you where your machine is coming from, it’s either because they don’t know or don’t want you to know. All ShopSabre CNC routers and plasmas are built in our facility in Lakeville, Minnesota here in the U.S.A. so you get the best quality possible for a price you CAN afford.

Q: Are there options for future upgrades?
A: A CNC router or plasma should have available options so you can customize and scale depending on your future needs. ShopSabre CNC provides dozens of available options that can be added at any time so you get exactly what you need when you need it. This allows you to buy a machine that can grow with your business and spend less on accessories and more on quality to fit any budget without giving up abilities in the future.

Also consider that rarely do people buy a machine with the hopes to not grow, what you do today might change tomorrow and we want your machine to adapt with your business too!

Q: Why is your technology better than the competition?
A: If a manufacturer can’t factually tell you why their machines are better than the competition, then their machines aren’t better. At ShopSabre CNC, we can honestly tell you why our technology is better than the competition. Depending on which model you are considering they all have unique advantages for their class. However, every ShopSabre has an upgraded Frame Technology and Gantry Construction and is engineered using the latest in engineering technology such as FEA Software. With our Machine Tool Grade CNC Routers our ball screw drives give you the most accurate drive technology found in the industry for a price unmatched by other Ball Screw machines.

Every ShopSabre CNC Router and CNC Plasma uses advanced drive motors for higher speeds, quicker accelerations, and more consistent cutting quality.

Our integrated control panels are also Proudly American Made and engineered for the machines we build therefore matching the electronics with the physical hardware is just a few of the reasons why ShopSabre CNC routers and plasmas are better than the competition.

If you want to do a formal comparison just ask one of our CNC Consultants to help with a FREE Competitive Analysis!

Q: What type of support is available?
A: Chances are, at some point you will need support for your machine regardless of whom you buy from. Whether it’s figuring out how to do something or getting it to work how you want it to, you need someone you can contact and someone who cares. ShopSabre CNC provides free lifetime tech support with all new machine purchases. You won’t be forced to fill out a form and wait or head to a forum and hope to find the answer. ShopSabre CNC provides factory trained support to help you when you need it by phone!

Now if you prefer Email or Web use we do offer FREE email support as well as our Private ShopSabre user group.

On top of all of this we have our SabreNation FREE training courses and online videos to make sure you get the most out of a ShopSabre!

Q: Do you have payment plans?
A: CNC routers and plasmas can have varying price tags based on your needs, and you may not be able to buy your machine outright. ShopSabre CNC specializes in building the best machines and lets the banks and financing companies handle the payment options. We are partnered with many reputable companies who offer convenient payment plans so you can reduce your upfront capital and take advantage of several other benefits.

In fact, if you want to get pre-approved we have a quick and easy financing app here on our website!

Get Pre-Approved Today!

Q: What type of training will I need?
A: All ShopSabre CNC machines include lifetime access to our famous 1-day training session. This course allows you to gain hands-on experience with your machine. If you can’t make a training session, don’t worry our machines are simple enough to use that you will be able to get started on your own using our provided Lifetime support by phone. We also can perform online training sessions as well as we offer our exclusive SabreNation University Training videos.

Keep in mind we also provide manuals & startup guides to go along with our industry leading lifetime tech support!

Q: Can I demo the machine before I buy it?
A: ShopSabre CNC gives you the ability to come into our shop by appointment and see our machines being manufactured. While we are building in a manufacturing environment we will make all every effort to demonstrate our machines in person. If you simply can’t make it to our shop, we have loads of educational videos where you can gain the virtual experience of using our machines.

We may also be able to find you a customer’s location whom might be willing to show off their ShopSabre, just contact our team to get more information. 

Q: Can I speak to your past customers about their experiences with your machines?
A: Hearing a company tell you their machines are great is one thing. Hearing real experiences from real customers can give you the added peace of mind of knowing the machines work out in the real world. ShopSabre CNC proudly shares testimonials and customer projects from our many satisfied customers. If you want to talk to one of our customers directly, we will happily get you in touch. You can also check out the ShopSabre customer spotlight section of our website. 

Q: Do you offer any sales or discounts?
A: Our best prices will always be provided up front, we don’t believe any company can truly do their customers the best service if they play pricing games. If a company throws in random discounting then they are really telling you that their products are marked up really high. At ShopSabre CNC, we understand everyone wants the low price just like we do when we shop for technology and thus we always offer our products at the lowest possible price. We aren’t the cheapest option simply because our products are much better than comparably priced competition.

No machine on the market will beat us on value though, ShopSabre offers the most advanced technology in the class and we would love to prove it!

Q: Will this machine work for my application?
A: Every shop and every application is different, we will make every effort to fit a solution to your needs. No CNC router or plasma should try to be a one-size-fits-all solution. At ShopSabre CNC, every machine is built specifically to meet your needs. We don’t sell you a cookie cutter machine and we certainly will not sell you a machine we are going to commit to support for life for free if we doubt it’s capable of doing what you need it to do.

Connect with one of our trained CNC consultants today to get started!

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