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September 23, 2019

4 myths about CNC machining

By scribe


For those looking to enter the world of CNC machining, it can be a rather complex and mysterious field. It is certainly a highly technical and specialized discipline, which can often deter interested parties from making a concerted effort at entering the industry.

But those same interested parties often hold misconceptions about CNC machining that can hold them back from making the effort in the first place. We’re here to set the record straight on a few of those myths and to hopefully instill confidence in those on the fence about dipping their toes into CNC.

Here are four of the most common myths about CNC machining – and the truths about all of them.

It’s too expensive

Saying that CNC machining is expensive really only addresses a fraction of the equation. The primary cost is associated with the purchase of the machine itself, and whether or not that’s too expensive for you will depend on your unique budget.

But regardless of whether or not you find the equipment affordable, the fact of the matter is that the value you will experience once you begin using your CNC machine will more than make up for the buy-in cost. CNC machines allow you to work more efficiently to produce a higher-quality product, meaning you’re wasting less time, producing more product, and are more capable of offering it for an increased price.

The truth: CNC machining is not too expensive – it’s one of the most cost-effective investments a shop can make. Ultimately, your work is not getting cheaper to the end user – but it is becoming cheaper for you to manufacture and allows you to accomplish more in less time. Most businesses find they can’t afford not to have their CNC.

It’s creatively limiting

In the early days of CNC, it would be easier to understand this opinion. Nowadays, however, there is almost nothing a CNC machine can do that another machine could do faster or better.

The multi-axis operation and computer-programmed nature of the CNC routers and plasmas make them capable of producing highly complex and freeform structures on an accelerated timeline. They’re not just machines reserved specifically for cookie-cutter signage or furniture.

The truth: CNC machines are not creatively limiting, but instead excel in producing unique prototypes, musical instruments, furniture pieces, and more, providing your shop with a newfound creative edge. With correct tooling, programming, and options, the possibilities are nearly endless.

It’s impossible to learn

Due to the high-tech nature of CNC machining and its place in the industry, it’s often viewed from the outside as an expert’s trade incapable of being easily learned and utilized. While it is a highly technical craft and one that may take some training to understand and put to use, it’s never been easier to pick up and learn, and those interested shouldn’t be afraid of trying.

Advancements in technology have simplified the process and made it easier for aspiring hobbyists to pick up and begin creating items in at-home shops without excess hours of formal training. That’s not to say you don’t need any training, but this is also why we provide our customers with free training with the purchase of a ShopSabre CNC machine.

The truth: CNC machining is not impossible to learn, but is in fact quite learnable for anyone willing to put in the time and effort. Many people with no CNC experience can learn to operate a ShopSabre system in less than two hours. With our provided lifetime support and training, you have all the tools needed for success if you’re willing to put in the effort. 

It takes too long

Beginning users may assume they can perform the task at hand more quickly and easily with their traditional tools or that waiting for the correct tool is simply going to take too long for the project at hand. While there is some level of learning at the beginning and a good machine will generally have some lead time, it will ultimately result in saved time and a benefit to your business.

The truth: CNC machines help you automate the processes you are already doing; this allows you to remove secondary or third operations while reducing production times, increasing production capacity, and completing more work with less resources. While a lead time may be expected, it is temporary and something that will continue to work for your business for a long time.

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