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5 Reasons your Shop Needs a CNC Router

CNC machines can serve as a major investment for your shop, but the advantages they provide more than makeup for that cost by improving efficiency, reducing waste, and more. If you’ve been frustrated by sluggish processes, expensive employees, frequent errors in cutting, hazardous working conditions, or many other downsides in your shop, a CNC router may be the solution. Here are five key ways a CNC router can combat these issues and several others you might not have been aware of.


cnc computer control

CNC routers and CNC plasma tables are computer-controlled automated cutting machines, meaning they’re able to perform massive quantities of projects while you’re focusing on other tasks. They can perform repeated designs with ease, efficiency, and accuracy, and can even complete significant projects overnight after you’ve headed home.

CNC routers offer true 24/7 production capability with minimal supervision, only needing to be turned off for the occasional maintenance task. This automation allows shops to produce consistent and high-quality work on an accelerated timeline.


The versatility and flexibility of CNC routers is an invaluable advantage. Their ability to cut everything from wood and non-ferrous metal to foam and acrylic makes them an asset across a broad range of projects and industries. CNC routers can be used to make:

This versatility helps CNC routers adapt to your project’s needs in an instant and ensures you get used to it on a wide range of projects not just a few here and there.


The computer-operated nature of CNC routers results in incredibly precise performance and consistent production. Simply input your design and measurements and the router gets to work creating as many products as you’d like each one being the same. While handheld machines are prone to errors and inexact cuts, CNC routers eliminate this issue with their precision technology.

You need performance on every cut in your shop, and a CNC router provides that reliability. This also reduces waste by better utilizing raw materials on each cut, thus increasing your savings and profit margin on wasted scrap.

Ease of use

As tasks become automated and improved through the use of a CNC router, your workforce will be able to see a reduction in staffing leading to another boost in revenue. Less skilled workers are needed than with traditional machinery, as the cut is programmed into the computer and not performed manually. With CNC routers, one person can supervise several machines at once without feeling overwhelmed.

Training can also be performed virtually rather than with physical equipment. There are few better ways to optimize the distribution of your workforce and get the most out of your team.


The safety advantages of CNC routers take human risk almost entirely out of the equation. A key piece of your shop’s heavy machinery is now automated and operated by a computer, not by people. If an issue or error occurs, there is less of a risk that anyone is hurt or put at risk. Less risk of hand-cutter injuries or loss of work.

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