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Benefits of using a CNC wood router to build cabinetry

From CNC routers for cabinetry to CNC for carpentry projects, a good CNC machine is like having 5 extra employees in your shop. In addition to automation and precision in cabinet making, CNC routers are well known for their versatility and ability to work effectively with various materials, including plastics, metals, and wood.

The wood capability is especially prevalent, as countless hobbyists and professionals in the furniture-making industry use CNC routers to produce custom, high-quality cabinetry for both customers and themselves. Whether you’re a professional, CNC equipment technician or an at-home DIYer, a CNC wood router can help streamline your next project from start to finish.

Here are the main advantages of using a CNC wood router to help lead the cabinet-making process and some tips to optimize your production.

CNC routers automate the cabinet-making process

cnc router for cabinet making

If you are an old-school furniture maker, you know, cabinet making and all woodworking for that matter used to rely heavily on manual processes to complete projects. Those days are long gone, as CNC machines allow operators to automate the wood-cutting process with the help of state-of-the-art equipment and software.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Rather than cutting each piece of solid wood by hand, a new CNC machine or wood router can relay inputs from the computer to execute precise cuts in a fraction of the time. Cabinet and furniture making has never been easier, allowing a furniture maker to focus more on creativity and less on technical know-how.

CNC routers deliver consistent quality

The old, manual processes of woodworking also lent themselves to frequent human error which in turn would lead to material waste and lost revenue. CNC work allows operators to achieve the exact right cut every time and then repeat that cut as many times as the project requires.

What Is The Best Way To Precisely Cut Wood?

A CNC wood router is one of the best ways to achieve maximum precision while eliminating errors and wasted material from your process.

For cabinet makers, a CNC wood router is a game-changer. It brings unmatched precision to your work, cutting down on errors and material waste. With its ability to follow detailed computer-guided designs, you can produce consistent, high-quality cabinets every time.

Whether you’re crafting custom pieces or handling bulk orders, this tool ensures every cut is spot-on, making it indispensable for anyone serious about elevating their cabinet-making craft.

The Cabinet CNC Machine

ShopSabre is a leader in the woodworking industry, offering CNC routers specifically designed for cabinet making.

These CNC machines, capable of handling intricate cuts and detailed workmanship required in cabinet production, focus on efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.

ShopSabre’s CNC routers streamline the cabinet-making process, reducing production time while enhancing the quality of the final product.

Ideal for both small-scale custom designs and large-scale production runs, these machines provide versatility and performance that can meet the demands of today’s competitive market.

ShopSabre’s commitment to excellence is evident in the robust build, advanced technology, and user-friendly interface of their cabinet CNC machines, making them a valuable asset for any cabinet maker or woodworking professional looking to elevate their cabinet manufacturing to the next level.

A CNC Router Provides Cabinet Making Efficiency

cnc wood router machine

The productivity benefits of CNC machines are among the main reasons they can provide outstanding value for your small or midsize business.

With the help of the best CNC machine, you can produce more parts with fewer people in a small shop in less time. This drastically reduces operating costs while increasing both the quality and quantity of your work.

It’s commonly asked how long it takes to complete a cabinet job on a CNC router. In the sample video below, 11 sheets of wood were used to cut custom cabinetry pieces for an entire kitchen in less than one hour. The productivity boost provided by CNC technology is unmatched.


Cabinetmaking and furniture projects often involve several sheets of wood and a wide variety of part sizes and shapes. This can slow down the process unless you use nesting to take the productivity of your cabinet project to the next level.

Nesting optimizes the layout pattern of cuts to maximize the amount of material used, also reducing cutting time and material waste in the process. It’s an effective way to keep more money in your pocket and to even further boost the efficiency of your project.

Here nesting is used to maximize space in cutting 16 pieces from a single workpiece.

Know your wood

cnc cabinet making and custom furniture

An important decision in cabinetmaking is to determine which type of wood to work with. This will impact the appearance, durability, and overall limitations of the scope of the project. This is because certain types of hardwoods and softwoods are better suited for some projects than others.

Hardwoods like oak or mahogany are typically darker in color and are more durable, while softwoods like cedar or pine tend to be lighter and a bit easier to cut (but beware of splintering the wood in the process). If you’re uncertain as to which wood will work best for you, consult a professional for expert guidance.

Create one-of-a-kind cabinetry with ShopSabre CNC

ShopSabre produces the highest-quality CNC routers in the industry that have helped produce thousands of unique, high-end kitchen cabinets. And it all starts with the quality of our machinery specifically our PRO Series Series routers.

The secret to achieving precise edge finishes and accuracy in cabinetmaking starts with the bases of our routers themselves. The base of both the PRO Series and IS Series is made from a one-piece all-welded steel frame to go along with contour guide rails and precision ball screws on all three axes.

Each of our routers has accessories and tools available that can take your cabinetmaking capabilities to the next level, including:

  • The Apex EZ Sander is A safe, efficient, and versatile finishing option for all types of wood.

  • A CNC touch probe Can help you easily duplicate parts and reverse engineer products to replicate complex 2D shapes or 3D geometry that are common in cabinetmaking, such as but not limited to:

    • Range hoods

    • Wainscoting

    • Custom moldings

    • Posts and railing sections

    • And more

  • The Dust Dock Helps quickly and effectively remove sawdust and other debris that can become overwhelming during cabinet production. There is simply no cleaner way to build cabinets than with a ShopSabre router equipped with a Dust Dock.

Adding a ShopSabre CNC router for cabinet to your shop gives you the ability to bring more projects in house, such as custom cabinets such as:

  • MDF raised panel doors

  • Shaker doors

  • Dovetail drawers

  • Custom range hoods

  • Wainscoting panels

  • Custom closets

  • Custom moldings

  • Posts and pillars

  • Live edge production

ShopSabre technology helps you make more money and satisfy your customers while doing work you already do backed by equipment in your shop. Shop our unmatched collection of CNC routers and CNC plasmas and get a quote today to take your quality and productivity to the next level.

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