Building a Better Machine

Years ago, Jim Bombardo (ShopSabre CNC CEO and Founder) recognized the need to build an automated machine capable of producing parts for his wife’s business. With a background in engineering and software, he began creating his own CNC router.

After performing his initial research, Jim realized an industrial design would give him years of problem-free service. Focusing on the highest quality possible, Jim’s first CNC router was a full 3-axis ball screw driven machine with industrial components throughout, allowing him to produce parts for hours with ease and great precision.

When friends and acquaintances saw Jim’s machine in action, they were amazed by the fully welded construction, cutting power, precision, and overall quality. Several offers and hours of convincing later, Jim sold the CNC router and decided to build another one.

The Birth of ShopSabre CNC

While constructing his next CNC router, Jim performed more market research and was amazed that no one offered an industrial quality machine under $60,000. Jim decided to take his design to the Woodworkers show in Atlanta, GA, where he received a lot of attention, accolades, and over a dozen requests for orders. Potential customers were willing to wait for their new machines as they understood the quality and components put into the design.

After returning home, Jim constructed a facility for the manufacturing of CNC machines in the U.S.A. With the help of his two brothers, four sons, two cousins, and his wife, Jim opened ShopSabre CNC and began changing the way the CNC industry works.

A few years after opening, Jim developed the first ShopSabre CNC plasma machine along with the technology that would make ShopSabre a leader in its class.

ShopSabre CNC Today

ShopSabre CNC Today

ShopSabre CNC is a self-funded company, and all machines are constructed from the ground up in the U.S.A. with every component closely monitored to ensure every CNC router and CNC plasma machine works flawlessly. Operating under the philosophy that customer service is everything, all ShopSabre machines are tested for hours before they leave to ensure power, precision, quality, and reliability.

With over 10,000 CNC routers, CNC plasmas, CNC Knife, and CNC laser engraving machines around the world in over 40+ countries, ShopSabre CNC has experienced enormous growth since its humble beginnings. ShopSabre’ s CNC routers and plasma machines have received recognition from some of the largest manufacturers of cabinets, vehicles, aerospace, signs, and many other well-known and popular industries. Many top business owners and engineers now know they do not need to spend a $100,000 or more on a machine that can produce precision parts three shifts a day, every day of the week.

ShopSabre CNC continues to be on the cutting edge of CNC technology. In August 2012, ShopSabre CNC released the IS Series CNC Router, one of the most advanced and powerful machines under $100,000. In January 2016, ShopSabre CNC once again forged ahead into the future of CNC Routers with the formal release of the ShopSabre PRO Series router system, providing unmatched performance and technology for a price that competes with imported products and less industrial designs. In July 2019 ShopSabre CNC introduced a real game changer in the ShopSabre IS-M Series powered by Mitsubishi’s world recognized controller which is the first TRUE Commercial Grade Controller with a user-friendly interface at a sub $100,000 price point made here in the U.S.A.  With the ability to monitor every industrial component and every part of the build cycle, ShopSabre CNC ensures every CNC router and CNC plasma machine is built to perfection. Jim remains personally involved in nearly every ShopSabre CNC machine today. With new products in the works and growth continuing at an astonishing rate, ShopSabre CNC looks to remain the leader in industrial and affordable CNC router and CNC plasma machines so you can continue to stay ahead of your competition and provide the quality and service your customers expect. That’s the way CNC should be!

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