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Best CNC Plasmas For Small Businesses

A top-notch CNC plasma table can significantly impact your business’s bottom line. We know that no two manufacturers are the same, and the best CNC plasma for small business operations depends on several factors.

In this article, we’ll explore why investing in a high-quality CNC plasma table can be a game-changer for small businesses, helping you reach newfound levels of precision, efficiency, and versatility in daily operations. We’ll also look at what makes a good CNC plasma table and how to choose the best one for your business. 

ShopMaster CNC Plasma

Running a small business can mean more demanding scheduling, especially during busier seasons. The ShopMaster line of CNC plasma cutters can handle the most demanding two and three-shift work days, all week long.

Whether you’re a small automotive shop or you run a manufacturing business, these American-made machines can keep up with the most intensive workloads while maximizing your budget. 

Each model in the ShopSabre ShopMaster PRO Series Plasma lineup comes equipped with cutting-edge features that enhance precision and performance. The PRO Series is fitted with state-of-the-art Mitsubishi AC Digital Servo Motors featuring Glass Encoder Technology, ensuring superior accuracy on the X, Dual Y, and Z axes. 

Complemented by Direct Drive Planetary Gears, these motors not only provide exceptional accuracy but also reduce maintenance requirements while boosting power. The ShopMaster PRO Series is known for its impressive speeds, reaching up to 2500 IPM Rapid, and includes a built-in 24” Water Table with Pneumatic Air Bladder Technology for effortless adjustment of the water level. 

If that’s not enough to excite you, the ShopSabre PRO Series boasts a convenient Part Catch Tray, simplifying the retrieval of your finished parts. For businesses that prefer down-draft systems, an optional Automated Zone Controlled Down-Draft Technology is also available to meet your specific needs.

The three models start at the following pricing: ShopMaster Pro 8 at $36,495, ShopMaster Pro 10 at $42,350, and ShopMaster Pro 12 at $48,495. 

SideKick CNC Plasma


Finances are a crucial area for any business, especially small businesses. If you feel like you can’t make the necessary equipment upgrades to your manufacturing business because of finances, the SideKick CNC Plasma line may have the best plasma for small business financial needs. 

It doesn’t matter if you need a CNC plasma machine that only runs for a couple of hours a week, or one that will work for 8+ a day, these machines can do it all

Featuring top-of-the-line electronic components typically reserved for larger industrial machinery, the SideKick series offers expanded capabilities without stretching your budget. Whether you run a manufacturing plant, automotive shop, fabrication facility, or educational institution, the SideKick series presents an ideal solution. 

With a hassle-free setup that requires no assembly, these machines can be operational within minutes of arriving at your workspace, ensuring a seamless integration into your operations.

The SideKick line features four models to accommodate all types of small businesses:

  • SideKick 4 starting at $15,495
  • SideKick 8 starting at  $16,995
  • SideKick 10 starting at $18,495
  • SideKick 12 starting at $20,995 

Along with competitive pricing, ShopSabre offers affordable financing options on all machines.

Crossfire XR

While quality should be a top priority for your business, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise your books. Budget doesn’t have to mean cheap, and that is something the Crossfire XR CNC Plasma system embodies. 

For those seeking an accessible CNC Plasma solution without compromising performance, look no further than the Langmuir Systems XR. Available in a spacious 4’ x 8’ size, this system offers an array of features that simplify your entry into the world of CNC Plasma cutting.

This machine is backed by Langmuir Systems XR Support and inclusive access to Langmuir Systems Fire Share, ensuring you have the resources and community support you need to excel in your CNC Plasma endeavors.

Each XR machine comes with a Windows 10 Control PC and Automatic Torch Height Control and delivers impressive speeds of up to 400 IPM (Inches Per Minute). Its robust construction, featuring a heavy-duty 750lb C-channel frame, can effortlessly accommodate materials up to 1” thick steel. Plus, the XR includes a generous 65-gallon water table, providing a reliable foundation for your precision cutting needs.

The XR starts at an affordable price tag of $6,495 so you can reinforce your products with even more quality and keep your finances intact at the same time. 

Another Indicator of Quality


The best CNC plasma for small business operations wouldn’t be complete without equally impressive accessories to bolster performance and quality results. When looking for the ideal CNC plasma cutter, look at the compatible accessories.

Torch Collision Detection, Marker Pen Attachment Kits, and Laser Sights can give you that edge against your competitors by giving you more precision over your projects, resulting in a higher-quality product that will put your small business up there with the big guys. 

Training and Education

Another indicator that you’ve found a quality CNC plasma for small shop applications is training and education to help you get the most from your machine. ShobSabre’s SabreNation ensures you maximize your CNC plasma table’s capabilities, helping you put out incredible products while keeping your employees safe on the job.

Elevate Your CNC Plasma Experience 

Whether you’re running a small manufacturing business specializing in woodworking or metal cutting, or you’re a passionate hobbyist seeking unparalleled precision, ShopSabre’s CNC plasma for small shop operations will exceed your expectations.

As the industry’s go-to choice, ShopSabre offers precision and quality that can’t be matched by cheaper imports. If you’re in the market for CNC plasma machines, you’ve come to the right place. 

Discover why ShopSabre’s Made in the USA, top-tier quality and unbeatable support make us the top choice for all your CNC plasma needs. Questions about our products? Get in touch with us today online or at 952-461-4570. We have you covered.

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