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If you want the best CNC router available at the best value, there’s no better place to look than ShopSabre CNC. Each of our routers offers unbeatable construction and components you’d be hard pressed to find even on machines that cost two or three times as much. What makes our routers even better is the many options you can get to deliver the custom CNC experience you need for your specific applications because no two shops are alike.

With a wide range of custom CNC parts and components available, there is no limit to what you can achieve with a ShopSabre CNC router. From vacuums and tool changers to dust collectors and multi-head systems, we offer the options and accessories that allow you to accomplish anything. Don’t be limited by out-of-the-box routers offered by the competition. Get a ShopSabre CNC that’s built just for you, right here in the USA.

Standard Available Options

Available attachments for ShopSabre CNC router models. Please note that some parts may not be available on all models or with other options. Some components may result in limiting the cutting/working areas. Contact us for more details.

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  • 1Phase / 3 Phase Compatibility for CNC Router
  • Rack and Pinion Options
  • Machine Maintenance Kit for CNC Router
  • Custom I/O Options for CNC Router
  • Auto Z Touch Pad
  • USB Wireless Connectivity for CNC Router
  • Dust Dock & Containment Dust Skirt Upgrade
  • 2-Stage Dust Skirt Upgrade (Fav3 Style)
  • Oneida Dust Collector Options
  • Manual Tool Change – HSD Spindles
  • Multi-Tool System (MTS)
  • Automatic Tool Changer Systems – HSD Spindles
  • Auto Tool Changer Expansion Option
  • Fav3 Auto Tool Changer Option
  • Boring/Drill Head System – HSD Spindle
  • Aggregate / C-Axis Compatibility
  • Parts Digitizer – 2d/3d Compatibility
  • Tabletop Upgrade – Vacuum Ready
  • Tabletop Upgrade – Hybrid Vacuum Ready w/ T-Slots
  • Tabletop Upgrade – Phenolic
  • Tabletop Upgrade – Full Aluminum T-Slot Extrusion
  • Table Reference Pins Option (Pop-up Pins)
  • F Series Vacuum Pump Option (F1 & F4)
  • FPZ Regenerative Vacuum Pump Option
  • Becker Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Option
  • Vacuum Pods
  • Braille / ADA Attachment & Tooling
  • Tooling Options & Packages
  • Tangential Oscillating Knife System
  • Drag Knife Option
  • Creasing Wheel Option
  • Vision System
  • Marking / Engraving Laser Options
  • Marker / Pen Attachment
  • CNC Tapping Option
  • Unist Coolant Lubrication Systems
  • Air Blower Option
  • At machine Air Blower with Air Gun
  • 4th Axis / Rotary Indexing Options
  • Wireless Pendant Control with Jog Wheel for CNC Router
  • Touch Screen Control Monitor Upgrade
  • Control Stand & Computer Mount Options
  • Machine Mounted Warning Light Bar for CNC Router
  • Software Upgrades
  • Bearing Protection Upgrade for CNC Router
  • UL/CUL Options for CNC Router
  • Bar Code Scanner for CNC Router
  • Air Compressor Options for CNC Router
  • Refrigerated Air Dryer Options for CNC Router
  • Air Line Filter Options for CNC Router
  • Vacuum Lifts
  • Edgebander Options - Cehisa
  • Safety Mats & Light Curtain Compatibility for CNC Router
  • Private Training Options for CNC Router
  • SabreShield Extended Warranty for CNC Router
  • T-Slot Clamps
  • Hybrid T-Slot/Flat Table Top
  • HSK Tooling Options

1Phase / 3 Phase Compatibility for CNC Router

ShopSabre offers a wide range of Power Options.

Whether you are limited by single phase or have three phase access, ShopSabre will help you find the right solution for your need.

Rack and Pinion Options

If your budget is tight & accuracy/precision are not critical, we offer affordable solutions that include Rack and Pinion drive technology.

Machine Maintenance Kit for CNC Router

If you don’t have the right tools, you won’t be able to do the right maintenance. Maintaining your machine is critical to longevity & precision, our maintenance kit includes 3 Tubes of approved grease, the approved grease fitting attachment, and a quality grease gun.

Custom I/O Options for CNC Router

Whether you need to customize your controller for Dust Collector, Vacuum Pump, or other device control – Our support team will help you accomplish your goals by pre-installing Inputs or Outputs programmed to the ease of a button. Costs can vary depending on needs, ask for details.

Auto Z Touch Pad

Setting Z Zero is simply by touching off the material or Bed however the Material Thickness Calibration touch pad makes it quicker and more accurate by removing the operator variable.

With this set up you simply align the switch below the cutting tool and allow the machine to auto touch on the material for Z Zeroing (This feature has no effect on Tool Measurement with Tool Switch Installed)

USB Wireless Connectivity for CNC Router

With the USB Wireless option you can easily connect your ShopSabre to or your WiFi network for easy file management.

Additionally, this allows you to connect to the internet so you can take advantage of onboard diagnosis & remote tech support without the hassle of running cables to the machine for Ethernet. (Note –In some extreme situations you may require an Ethernet for proper speeds)

Dust Dock & Containment Dust Skirt Upgrade

If you process sheets, we have the solution to your dust problems. The ShopSabre Dust Dock is the world’s most efficient dust collection attachment, making the mess a thing of the past.

ShopSabre recognized that all CNC machines create their own mess when cutting, but through our engineering we developed a first of its kind solution to picking up the mess while the job is being done.

This solution lowers the surface area demands by concentrating the air flow to the tooling itself & thus, reduces the airborne dust and ultimately the time you spend cleaning up between jobs.

This solution is as close to dust free cutting you will find when working with CNC Routers (Note, available for many configurations with some restrictions depending on options - this option will reduce X Axis Working Areas)

2-Stage Dust Skirt Upgrade (Fav3 Style)

The ShopSabre Stage 2 dust skirt provides superior dust collection to standard & aftermarket options while reducing the time spent docking the skirt. If speed is your focus, this skirt gives you the ability to pick-up more dust with less time spent during tool changes. (Note - This skirt is compatible with Auto Tool Change spindles only using the castle cut tool rack. This option can be added to existing machines or paired with the NEW Fav3 ATC option. )

Oneida Dust Collector Options

CNC Machines are like teenagers, they make a mess and won’t pick-up after themselves without a little encouragement. ShopSabre CNC is happy to help you install your own personalized cleaning crew. The Oneida dust collectors come in a variety of sizes to fit any shop needs and are proudly Made in the United States backed by superior support.

Manual Tool Change – HSD Spindles

ShopSabre offers a wide range of industrial very reputable electric fan cooled spindle options.

Available in 2.2HP, 4Hp, and 9.3HP at 100% duty cycle ratings.

Unlike most import machines, these require no liquid, can be run on single or three phase power, and produce nearly no noise when running. (Note - your tooling will produce noise)

These systems are available in ER25 or ER32 Collets depending on HP Rating.

Multi-Tool System (MTS)

The ShopSabre MTS allows you to combine multiple accessories on one machine. This system will allow you to consider attaching up to 4 spindles on select machines. (Note multiple heads will reduce X Axis working area & may require additional customization costs)

Automatic Tool Changer Systems – HSD Spindles

"An Auto Tool Changer is great for production needs & any multiple tool operations. This feature increases machine accuracy, shop efficiency, and reduces your labor costs associated with the work you do.

A CNC Router with an ATC is like having an employee in the shop that works for free as you can then setup the job and walk away to do something else while the machine takes care of the work. No more babysitting the machine, no more wasted time waiting for tool changes, no more multiple file loads for one job.

Just load the program and walk away, the machine will take care of the rest.

Whether you need to carve incredible 3D sculptures or create nested based products you can load the tools once and know that the machine will continue to repeat the process with ease.

ShopSabre Tool Changers are available in 5HP, 10Hp, and 13HP solutions at 100% duty cycle ratings. (Note some HP ratings not available on some machines)

An ATC system will help produce a quicker ROI.

Every ShopSabre Tool Changer comes with Tool Holders, Tool Wrenches, and even the Chuck Holder."

Auto Tool Changer Expansion Option

ShopSabre Tool Changers come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

Available in 5,6,10,12, and 15 Tool Capacity depending on the model you select.

These systems are also expandable in the field, meaning as your needs grow so can the machine’s capabilities.
(See sales for Details & Limitations on ATC options for Select Models)

Fav3 Auto Tool Changer Option

Do you have 3 common tools you use daily? With the FAV3 option your favorite 3 tools can ride along the gantry assuring they are always there when you need them. You save time spent traversing to the tool changer for these common tools while opening 3 additional tool positions on the auto tool changer giving you a total capacity of 15 tools! This helps increase machine efficiency while expanding capabilities  to do more with your CNC Router. This option is the ultimate accessory for any production shop.

Boring/Drill Head System – HSD Spindle

Whether your needs are for closet production, commercial cabinetry, or you simply require many different drill bit sizes, the HSD Drill head gives you the versatility to tackle these complex needs.

The Boring/Drill head attachment is commonly found in shops producing 80+ sheets a day or performing a wide variety of hole sizes requiring several different tools.

In extreme production environments it can save you as much as 50% the time when drilling repeating holes.

One advantage to a Drill Head is that you can house your drill bits in the dedicated drill head saving valuable space in the tool rack & reducing the time spent changing bits.

(Note – this option does reduce overall X Axis working area)

Aggregate / C-Axis Compatibility

ShopSabre offers a wide variety of Aggregate tool options.

Whether your needs are drilling holes at a right angle, cutting at a degreed angle, or you need to add a saw blade, our aggregate tool options can fit your needs.

(Note – you may require specific software & hold down accessories to properly utilize the aggregate option of your choice.)

Additionally, ShopSabre offers a C-Axis option for auto rotation of the aggregate to provide access to all 4 sized of your sheet with ease.

See Sales for details & limitations.

Parts Digitizer – 2d/3d Compatibility

The ShopSabre Parts Digitizer features a robust probe that can be used for 2D or 3D parts digitizing.

Whether you need to trace a part or copy a 3D item, this feature allows you to reverse engineer existing components so you can then bring the file into your desired CAD/CAM software.

The Parts Digitizer comes with a stylist & necessary hardware to connect to your machine to give you unmatched versatility.

Whether you are prototyping, reverse engineering, or simply copying a shape – this simplifies your process.

Tabletop Upgrade – Vacuum Ready

"ShopSabre HiFlow Vacuum Technology gives you incredible hold down capabilities. Our vacuum tables are the industries most advanced solutions increasing flow to your parts by as much as 50% in large part because of our engineered vacuum grid design & the hard pipe zones connected to a engineered vacuum plenum built into many of our machine frames. In addition, the ShopSabre tabletop is surfaced true to your routing head which helps eliminate the need for gasketing, glue, or screws to secure your spoil board. With the ShopSabre HiFlow Vacuum table you improve hold down force & reduce your risk of part movement which helps produce higher accuracy and more versatility.

Remember, you cannot cut what you cannot hold down – ShopSabre HiFlow is the best solution to keep you cutting!"

Tabletop Upgrade – Hybrid Vacuum Ready w/ T-Slots

Have vacuum but still want to be able to use clamps on non-vacuum compatible projects?

No problem, the ShopSabre Hybrid tabletop featuring our HiFlow Vacuum + the use of Aluminum T-Slots roughly every 8” on center produces a versatility that cannot be matched.

This is available with our standard MDF Tabletop or upgrade to Phenolic Tabletop depending on your needs.

Our Hybrid table gives you additional holding power without jeopardizing your vacuum performance.

Tabletop Upgrade – Phenolic

Phenolic is a composite material which is extremely dense, robust, and most importantly mostly moisture resistant.

If you are not in a temperature-controlled environment, require the use of coolants when cutting, or simply do a lot of heavy cutting the Phenolic top is the right solution.

This option additionally will improve vacuum hold down and improves machine accuracy from heat and humidity change.

Tabletop Upgrade – Full Aluminum T-Slot Extrusion

Need a Full Aluminum T-Slot Top, we have you covered with our extruded aluminum T-slot table.

ShopSabre also offers an option for a complete Aluminum T-Slot top should you want the versatility to create your own robust tooling board.

Table Reference Pins Option (Pop-up Pins)

The ShopSabre Table Reference Pins option features a robust steel 5 pin system meaning you get 3 heavy duty pneumatic pins on the long axis and 2 heavy duty pneumatic pins on the X Axis.

This option works great for quick sheet loading, fixture board location, or simply finding XY Zero with less guess work.

Our table reference pins are integrated into the frame and powered through the intelligence of our controller.

With the push of a button, you can activate or deactivate these pins but don’t worry, if you forget to lower them, our unique safety feature will lower them for you before the job starts to prevent collisions.

Whether you need to rapidly produce parts for cabinetry, need to do flip side operations, or have a variety of fixtures you wish to recall location on this option is a sure way to increase your efficiency & machining accuracy while reducing operator error.

F Series Vacuum Pump Option (F1 & F4)

The F Series is the most industrial true single phase vacuum pump in the industry.

The F Series is built in the United States from quality components and produces a massive amount of CFM while producing competitive HG resulting in great hold down performance where larger vacuum pumps may not fit the budget or power constraints.

The ShopSabre F Series vacuum pump is available in our F1 & F4 formats.

The F1 is designed for use with the ShopSabre 23 machine and the F4 designed for use with all 4x8 and smaller machines.

The F4 can be paired with 5x10 machines but will require the use of a ShopSabre All Star Gasket option.

FPZ Regenerative Vacuum Pump Option

FPZ Vacuum pumps are robust regenerative vacuum blowers designed to produce incredible CFM.

These pumps require 3phase power or the use of a rotary phase convertor.

Available in 20 & 25HP options and work great for maximum flow situations.

Becker Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Option

Becker Vacuum pumps are the world’s most popular vacuum pumps.

The Becker Vane technology produces incredible vacuum pressure ratings (24-27”HG) which increases the strength of suction and allows for smaller part hold down.

These pumps can also be stacked to create incredible CFM ratings without losing the HG rating giving you the ultimate tool in material hold down.

Not only does the Becker Rotary Vane pumps produce incredible holding power but they are amongst the quietest pumps on the market.

The Becker Rotary Vane Vacuum pump is the CNC industries #1 rated solution!

Vacuum Pods

ShopSabre offers complete pod solutions for raised material needs where you must access the side of the material or perform undercuts for rounding edges.

Commonly used with aggregate options and will require the use of a high suction vacuum pump for best performance (Becker Pumps Recommended)

Braille / ADA Attachment & Tooling

Creating ADA/Braille signage is much easier with the right tools. ShopSabre offers a unique solution, paired specifically for the production of high-quality efficient braille/ada signage.

With the Braille Kit by ShopSabre you receive the necessary license to perform this patented process plus we include the tooling necessary & an auto insert tool that fits into the machine spindle making raster insertion simple and much less time consuming.

(Note – ATC & Phenolic option highly recommended)

Tooling Options & Packages

Whether your needs are Wood, Plastic, Aluminum, Signage, Doors, Drawers, or a variety of other needs ShopSabre offers a large selection of Tooling options.

Whether you know what you need or simply want what is recommended to get started we have many options to make your solution turn-key.

ShopSabre carries some of the most recognizable names in CNC tooling including Vortex Tooling, Whiteside Tooling, and Frost Tooling.

Tangential Oscillating Knife System

ShopSabre offers a truly engineered solution to CNC Knife applications.

With the Tangential Oscillating Knife system, you can tackle some of the most challenging jobs including corrugated materials, cardboard, rubber, paper, foam, or even some thin wood.

The Oscillation feature can be turned on and off as required for your application and the tangential feature assures you will get maximum accuracy through the most complex shapes.

This option mounts to the gantry next to the primary cutting head requiring no switch over or time-consuming setup.

(Note – Cutting mat may be necessary depending on project & Knife attachment will reduce X Axis Working Area)

Drag Knife Option

ShopSabre offers compatibility with the D2 Donek drag knife option giving you the option to use your CNC Router for drag knife application.

This option fits right into a ½” collet making the setup easy and allows a maximum cutting depth of 1/4"" per Donek specifications.

Creasing Wheel Option

ShopSabre offers a truly engineered solution to CNC Creasing Wheel applications.

With the Creasing Wheel option, you can tackle fold lines with ease.

Whether you create cardboard boxes or simply need to crease your material for secondary operation the dedicated creasing wheel provides you versatility.

This option mounts to the gantry next to the primary cutting head & knife attachment (if you select it) to make switching from one project to the next less time consuming.

Vision System

If you regularly use a flatbed printer or plotter to layout registration marks the ShopSabre Vision Recognition system is right for you. This system installs an eye on your machine to find those registration mark and then offset the cutting parameters to avoid collision with your printed items on your substrate. This gives you incredible versatility to tackle some of the most complex jobs with improved accuracy and speed.

(Note, this option will reduce X Axis Working Areas)

Marking / Engraving Laser Options

ShopSabre offers compatibility with all CNC Routers to pair them with a JTech or OptLaser Attachment depending on your needs.

These lasers allow you to use your CNC Router as a CNC Laser for light duty applications such as marking, engraving, and light duty cutting.

This option is great for sign making & cabinetry marking for logos and designs.

(Note – These options will have reduced working area & may be limited based on material)

Marker / Pen Attachment

ShopSabre offers a marker attachment which includes 5 different options.

From Markers, to Pens, to a Pencil option. Whether you need to layout a template, draw the Monalisa, or simply write part numbers this option has a lot of flexibility.

It’s an affordable way to let your mind run wild with your CNC machine!

CNC Tapping Option

ShopSabre offers a Rigid Tap feature on select models giving you the ability to offer drilling & tapping from one machine.

This option is commonly used with non-ferrous material such as aluminum.

Unist Coolant Lubrication Systems

If you intend to cut aluminum with your CNC Router then a Unist Coolant Lubrication System might be right for you.

This system comes integrated with the Z Axis and features flexible nozzles for customized positioning directly to your cutting tool. This system also includes a programmable fluid pump that can be adjusted for different flow rates and is controllable through G-code for on/off operations. Unlike the gravity feed systems, this makes less of a mess and achieve better results.

This units works as a micro droplet system meaning you spray a calculated amount of fluid directly into the cutting zone unlike a traditional flood system.

This option will help improve edge finish & extends tool life with non-ferrous cutting such as aluminum.

Additionally, this option can also improve cut quality & tool life with foam, acrylic, and plastic cutting as it can also be used dry for forced air movement without fluid assuring the chips are blown away from the cutter.

Air Blower Option

ShopSabre offers an integrated air blower with flexible nozzle.

This system is plumbed into your machine and feeds from the air supply supplied to your machine maxing it extremely easy to use.

This option allows you to direct compressed air towards the cutting assuring chips are moved away from the cutting edges and thus increasing tool life and cut performance.

This option is commonly used with plastic, foam, and acrylic cutting applications.

At machine Air Blower with Air Gun

The ShopSabre Air Gun gives you an at machine air blower for quickly and efficiently cleaning up the machine once you have completed your cutting.

Rather than having to run airlines across your floor, this integrated feature gives you an air line and blower at the front of your machine within reach of the operator controls.

4th Axis / Rotary Indexing Options

ShopSabre offers a robust 4th Axis indexing solution.

This solution is removable on most models (exception 23 models).

The 4th Axis indexing system gives you the ability to chuck up square & rectangular stock and create incredible turnings such as gun stocks, railing posts, chair legs, and corbels.

This feature is constructed from a robust 4 jaw steel lathe style chuck head powered by a direct drive high torque high accuracy motor allowing you to index your material so that the CNC Router can reach multiple sides of a work piece.

This will require a 4th Axis CAM package (Sold separately)

Wireless Pendant Control with Jog Wheel for CNC Router

The Wireless Pendant features remote control capabilities with an integrated jog wheel to control X, Y, and Z Motion.

This feature allows you to walk away from the control tower without losing control of the machine. This works as a wireless remote for setting zeros, commanding certain basic functions, and stopping the machine in the event of an emergency. The Wireless pendant does have some customization capacity to program specific functions and comes with integrated magnets to assure you can attach it to the machine when not in use.

Touch Screen Control Monitor Upgrade

ShopSabre offers both Non-Touch & Touch Screen Control Monitor options to fit your needs.

Control Stand & Computer Mount Options

ShopSabre offers a wide range of machine operator control solutions.

Whether you need a rolling control cabinet, a stand to put your desktop computer on, or want to mount the control computer on a swing arm at the machine there is a solution for every need.

(Note – some models come with machine stand included)

Machine Mounted Warning Light Bar for CNC Router

Is your Shop so Noisy a machine running cannot be heard? If so, this light tower lets you know when the machine is running or not running for quick reference and safety of your operator. This Tower illuminates Red or Green based on the machines actions and cycles automatically so your team can keep an eye on the work flow.

Software Upgrades

Regardless of the machine you choose, it will come with a software package to get you started. However, depending on your needs, you may need an alternative software package to unlock your full potential.

Whether you create signs, cabinets, closets, doors, drawers, modeling, or simply need basic needs we offer a solution to fit your project.

ShopSabre partners with the top software companies in the world including Vectric, Rhino, Fusion, Mozaik, KCD, Cabinet Pro, Cabinet Vision, and Enroute to name few recognizable names.

Whether your needs are 2D, 2.5D, 3D, 4th Axis, or even Aggregate needs ShopSabre can help you choose the best recommended solution.

If you already have software that you want to know is compatible with our equipment, just ask.

Bearing Protection Upgrade for CNC Router

ShopSabre comes with some of the most robust bearing systems in the CNC industry but sometimes the most demanding environments can push the limits.

Therefore, ShopSabre offers KK Bearing Sweep kits that add an extra level of bearing protection for the more abrasive & dusty environments to help extend your machine life.

UL/CUL Options for CNC Router

Should you require it, ShopSabre offers the option to have your machine control box UL/CUL certified.

This is only available from ShopSabre at the time of purchase and provides the certification on the control box assembly itself.

Note – additional costs may be necessary depending on model.

Some models come with this option standard.

Bar Code Scanner for CNC Router

Do you require the ability to scan a bar code to recall a file?

ShopSabre offers on select machines the ability to install a bar code scanner to easily recall jobs.

Air Compressor Options for CNC Router

Many ShopSabre machines & options require a constant supply of compressed air to the machine.

ShopSabre offers a variety of solutions depending on your needs – from dedicated entry level solutions to whole shop industrial applications.

Refrigerated Air Dryer Options for CNC Router

Dry contaminate free air is the best way to assure longevity in your Pneumatic tools.

Whether you have an ATC system, air blower, air balancer, Reference Pins, or a variety of other options it could be beneficial to invest in an Air Dryer.

ShopSabre offers a wide range of dryer options to fit your needs.

Air Line Filter Options for CNC Router

ShopSabre offers the world’s most popular air filter package by Tsunami.

This cheap insurance protects your investment by removing any contamination that may have occurred to your compressed air.

These filter packages reduce moisture, debris, and other contaminates to assure longer equipment life & better machine performance.

Vacuum Lifts

Great for fast & frequent lifting and moving of flat workpieces.

Options for lifting up to 300lbs, these lifts making loading and unloading your machine less back breaking.

Trust us, your body will thank you

Edgebander Options - Cehisa

Regardless of your shop size, ShopSabre has an edgebander machine that can fit your demand.

Whether you are an entry level shop or full production these incredible machines give you the ability to produce breathtaking finishes.

Safety Mats & Light Curtain Compatibility for CNC Router

ShopSabre CNC recommends you speak with a local safety company for choosing the right safety features for your business. ShopSabre machines have the ability to be connected to many solutions including but not limited to – Light Curtains, Safety Mats, Gates, and Barriers. CNC Machines are dangerous but with the ShopSabre Emergency Stop capabilities you can make them much safer.

Private Training Options for CNC Router

ShopSabre provides the most comprehensive & informative Technical Support & even includes access to our standard Free Training course with every purchase but sometimes you just need a little one on one time.

Don’t worry, ShopSabre offers private training options both on-site or at our facility to fit your needs. Whether you need 1 day or multiple days, we can tailor the training to fit your needs and provide you a cost-effective solution to getting your shop up to speed.

During training we can cover a wide range of things from Software to machine operation, to tips & tricks, to implementation of our technology into your business.

SabreShield Extended Warranty for CNC Router

ShopSabre SabreShield offers you the peace of mind that your warranty is there if you need it.

Every ShopSabre comes with a warranty standard but sometimes you just want a little extra, with SabreShield you have a couple options to extend the factory warranty for a little longer.

(Note - extended warranties do have deductibles & some terms & conditions will apply – Ask our team for details.)

T-Slot Clamps

ShopSabre offers T-Slot clamps for your hold down needs. This option works great for holding various materials in place where vacuum or mechanical hardware is not possible.

Hybrid T-Slot/Flat Table Top

Need T-Slots but don’t need to spend the money on expensive Aluminum tops?

ShopSabre offers an Aluminum T-Slot Hybrid top with the choice of our Standard MDF or Optional Phenolic Table Surface.

This places an Aluminum T-slot channel every 8” on center and yes we give you the clamp kit with the machine.

HSK Tooling Options

HSK F63 Tool Systems are available on the ShopSabre Auto Tool Changer Option.

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