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ShopSabre 23

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The power of CNC on your bench

Now you can bring the power and capabilities of an industrial CNC router to your desk. The ShopSabre 23 is the first desktop model with the rigid build of an industrial CNC machine. Designed with industrial ball screws on every axis and equipped with the ShopSabre control system, you get better motion and more control than any other machine in this price or size range.

Proudly built in the USA, the ShopSabre 23 revolutionizes the desktop market with a high-quality construction that hasn’t previously been available in a machine of this size. The ShopSabre 23 is perfect for educational settings, hobbyist shops, and startup companies where a large machine simply isn’t possible or necessary. Complete with our lifetime tech support, this machine is perfect for every user from a novice to the most experienced CNC user. Contact us today to find out how you can get everything you need from a CNC router that fits right on your desk.

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Highlighted Features

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  • High definition digital microstep drive system (Largest Z Motor in Class for Quicker Response/3D)
  • Industrial ball screw design on X, Y, and Z axis – Watch our ball screw video!
  • Rigid Structural Steel Tube gantry bridge (With over-hang machining abilities on right side of machine)
  • Welded One Piece Structural Tube Steel Frame – Watch our steel vs aluminum video!
  • 25MM Linear Guide Rails and Bearings on X, Y, and Z axis
  • Includes full Desktop PC with On-Board Diagnosis
  • 100% American made & Supported
  • No assembly required – No Bolt Together Designs
  • Easy-to-learn software with point-and-click technology including AT machine CAD/CAM abilities – Watch our control screen video!
  • Custom options available to meet your exact needs – Watch our expansion equipment video!
  • Networking and file management via USB and internet connectivity
  • Free lifetime tech support – Watch our support video!
  • Free access to ShopSabre basic training class
  • ShopSabre Tool Measure Technology – Watch our tool measure video!
  • American Manufactured & Engineered using FEA Software – Watch our engineering video!
Relevant Education
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Proudly Engineered, Developed, Manufactured, Assembled, and Supported in the USA!
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