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Command your CNC machine wirelessly with a wireless pendant control

shopsabre wireless pendant control

In outdated CNC environments, the need to be continuously positioned at the keyboard to control the machine is very limiting to the efficiency and versatility of your production processes. Modern-day shop owners and their support staff need to be able to move freely throughout the shop and attend to other tasks while work is being performed.

For those relying strictly on keyboard control operation or a wired hand controller, this goal is largely unattainable. But for those with a wireless pendant control at their disposal, full control of their machine is capable of being entirely maintained no matter where they are in the shop.

Here is a closer look at what a wireless pendant control is, how it works, and why you need to add one to your shop.

What is a wireless pendant control?

A wireless pendant control is essentially a wireless, handheld remote for your CNC system. It is available as an add-on option for all ShopSabre CNC routers and plasmas and can have a dramatic impact on the accuracy and efficiency of your work.

How does a wireless pendant control work?

A wireless pendant control gives you full control over your machines X, Y, and Z axes from most locations (within reasonable distance) in the shop. When you turn the wheel on the pendant, the machine instantly moves in correspondence with your input, allowing you to walk away from the computer to the machine surface to set up a job, fixture, or location more easily. The pendant also lets you control some of your machines accessories such as pop-up sheet alignment pins with the push of a button and so much more.

Here is a breakdown of pendant controls easy-to-use interface.

  1. Screen to display control inputs.
  2. Returns the machine to its home position.
  3. Moves the machine to your current XY work zeros at rapid speed.
  4. Moves the machine to a user-changeable park position.
  5. Cycles between Trans, Jog, Feed rate and spindle RPM changing.
  6. If #5 is set to Trans, will cycle between Slow, Medium, and Fast. If #5 is set to Jog, will cycle between 1, .1, .01, and .001.
  7. Starts, pauses, and un-pauses a file that has been opened from the computer.
  8. Sets the current torch location as an XY work zero.
  9. Sets the current torch location as a Z work zero (unnecessary if touch option is purchased).
  10. If a second vertical axis (W) or indexer axis (A) exists, sets the current location as W or A work zero.
  11. Selects which axis the Manual Pulse Generator (#12) controls when turned.
  12. Manual Pulse Generator which sends pulse signals to WinCNC when turned. If #11 is set to X, Y, Z, or A, then turning the MPG will jog or transit that axis. If set to Spindle and the spindle speed option has been purchased, it will change the RPM. If set to Feed, it will increase or decrease the feed rate override rate from 1% to 200% of programmed G1 feed rate.

shopsabre wireless pendant control diagram

Why do I need a wireless pendant control?

A wireless pendant control allows you to take the control of your machine with you wirelessly, equipping you to walk around the shop while maintaining full command. With the added convenience of the pendant, you can be away from the keyboard and still jog the machine, set zeros, abort, and more, in addition to controlling job, feed, spin, and trans with ease.

The back panel of the pendant has a magnetic surface that mounts to the machine control stand or to any other nearby metallic surface for easy anytime access.

The bottom line is that the wireless pendant control provides CNC operators with unmatched mobility and accuracy in the shop without tethering them to any one location for any period of time. It is also a much safer alternative than corded connections which can be trip hazards or worse, get tangled in the equipment. It is a must-have for high-efficiency productions in need of total control without sacrificing safety, time, or versatility.

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