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May 06, 2020

How to achieve better dust collection from your CNC router

By scribe


As the technology and methods of the CNC industry have evolved over the years, many longstanding production challenges have been done away with and forgotten as new advancements have taken shape. From laser attachments to tool changers and everything in between, there’s no shortage of equipment to help take your production process to the next level.

Dust collection, however, is one challenge that has plagued shop owners for decades as they’ve searched for the most effective way to rid their workspaces of debris. Here’s a breakdown of the importance of dust collection, the key factors involved, and a new method that is reshaping the efficiency of CNC router operation.

Why CNC routers need dust collection

Even relatively novice craftsmen can speak to the fact that CNC router machines produce a lot of dust, all of which can pose a number of threats to your overall production.

The primary threat is in regard to safety, as allowing dust and excess debris to build up around the shop can lend itself to an increased likelihood of fire or slipping, not to mention health risks associated with frequent inhalation.

Dust buildup can also accelerate the wear of machine components and can cause a myriad of performance issues if not properly tended to.

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The key factors of dust collection

In order for a dust collection system to perform effectively, there are primarily two components to consider: the degree of air flow directing chips up the hose and the proximity of the hose/brush to the material surface. If there is adequate air flow and the brush and hose are able to function close to the surface, the system should perform well.

Machines with automatic tool changers, however, typically experience a bit of complication in these two key areas. Since more internal space is now needed for the tool changer to function, the dust collector must now be moved away from the material surface, requiring more air flow in order to effectively extract dust.

Thus far, the most popular solution to this challenge within the CNC industry has been to simply use a larger dust collector.

But ShopSabre knows we can do better.

How ShopSabre’s Dust Dock is revolutionizing dust collection

ShopSabre’s engineers have worked to find a solution that would allow CNC routers with tool changers to experience the same level of dust collection as those without.

The first step is a dust shoe design that features optimal internal airflow to effectively extract dust from the material surface. Given the issues using tools of differing lengths can present, we have also developed a spacer system so as to still be able to remove dust when cutting with longer tools.

But how does it work with tool changers?

This is where our team leverages the concept we refer to as “docking,” which removes debris from the surface and stores it in an attached “dock” that clears the spindle and allows for easy and efficient tool changing on the fly. The Dust Dock reduces the surface area the system needs to cover, focusing air flow directly to the cutter to remove nearly 100% of airborne dust and significantly increasing dust control in the shop.

Take control of your shop’s debris with ShopSabre

All CNC routers from ShopSabre are compatible with dust collection options and varying configurations to meet the needs of your production.

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