Auto Tool Changer Options – 5 and 10 Position



ShopSabre Tool Changers are available in 6 or 12 positions on most models, these systems are also upgradable in the field so you can start with 6 and go to 12 if you find your needs changing.

Here at ShopSabre CNC we also offer you the ability to buy 12 Positions with 6 Cones/Collets so you can grow with the machine or standard the 12 Position comes with the Cones, Collets, Wrenches, and Cone Holders – Yes even the holder and Wrench is included.

The RC holds up to 5 or 10 positions. The IS-M is only available in a 10 Position System.

Compatible with:

RC, PRO, IS, and IS-M (advanced digital rotary style)