Automatic Tool Changer Systems – HSD Spindles

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“An Auto Tool Changer is great for production needs & any multiple tool operations. This feature increases machine accuracy, shop efficiency, and reduces your labor costs associated with the work you do.

A CNC Router with an ATC is like having an employee in the shop that works for free as you can then setup the job and walk away to do something else while the machine takes care of the work. No more babysitting the machine, no more wasted time waiting for tool changes, no more multiple file loads for one job.

Just load the program and walk away, the machine will take care of the rest.

Whether you need to carve incredible 3D sculptures or create nested based products you can load the tools once and know that the machine will continue to repeat the process with ease.

ShopSabre Tool Changers are available in 5HP, 10Hp, and 13HP solutions at 100% duty cycle ratings. (Note some HP ratings not available on some machines)

An ATC system will help produce a quicker ROI.

Every ShopSabre Tool Changer comes with Tool Holders, Tool Wrenches, and even the Chuck Holder.”