CNC Router Upgrade

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With the addition of the CNC Router upgrade you can turn your CNC Plasma into a light duty CNC Router.

By combining our industry leading CNC Plasma technology with our industry leading CNC Router technology you get one of the most versatile packages on the market today.

This package includes a 3.5HP Milwaukee Router with machine mounting bracket, automation control of router through G-code, and ShopSabre integrated CNC router control.

Additional options exist for upgraded cutting heads, tool calibration, dust collection, and routing software.

If you need to do some one off or light duty routing for wood, plastic, foam, and light aluminum look no further.

(Note, if you need production routing abilities that require higher performance & accuracy consider a dedicated ShopSabre router machine. Only available on SideKick models with water table or down-draft options. No router table top option included )