Dust Cobra High-Pressure HEPA Cyclone Dust Collector – 35 Gallon Portable


Built for the Jobs Other Collectors Can’t Handle. Oneida Air Systems’ Dust Cobra® is the system of choice for both hobbyist and professional craftsman looking for a powerful, compact, and versatile dust control system. Its patented cyclonic design provides 7x higher suction performance when compared to traditional dust collectors and works to minimize downtime by virtually eliminating filter clogging and suction loss. The portable Dust Cobra is a hybrid system that can be used in nearly any application for general shop clean-up. Its high pressure intake makes it ideal for dust extraction from tools with dust ports 4″ dia. and smaller (where standard dust collectors fall short) including sanders, buffers, edgers, grinders, band saws, scroll saws, chop/miter saws, routers, mini-lathes, tabletop CNCs, and more!

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  • Industrial 120V High Performance Fan Blower Motor
  • 99% High-Efficiency Cyclone Separator with 2.5" Inlet
  • Full-Unit HEPA Certification
  • Internal Rapid Pulse Filter Cleaner
  • Compact Footprint
  • High-Capacity Dust Bin (Mobile and Carryable Options)
  • Automatic Liner Bag Holder System (5 Free Dust Bags Included)
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Included with Portable Stand & Dolly Models
  • Automatic Dust Bin Level Sensor
  • 25 Foot Vacuum Hose and Hose Accessory Kit
High Pressure Suction Performance
  • Your dust collector should perform at peak efficiency at all times to ensure the health, safety, and quality of your work. That’s why Oneida Air uses only the highest quality motors with our dust collection systems.

  • High-efficiency 120V fan blower motor (220V available by request)
  • Delivers up to 245 Actual CFM @ 23" WC - ideal for handheld and benchtop tools
  • Motor specially selected for low pitch noise to provide ideal operator comfort
  • Suitable for continuous duty with replaceable motor brushes
Streamlined Integrated Cyclone Pre-Separator
  • Molded cyclone cannot be used with hot or smoldering materials.

  • Within standard dust collectors, fine dusts can quickly clog the filter – reducing suction power and creating the need for expensive downtime for cleaning and/or replacement parts. That’s why every good dust collection system needs a cyclone to remove waste from the incoming airstream.

  • Separates up to 99% of bulk debris and fine dusts from the airstream, containing it safely in the dust bin
  • Patented "V-Shape" cyclone design maximizes particle separation performance
  • Virtually eliminates filter clogging and significantly extends the lifespan of the filter
  • Rotationally molded from a lightweight, static dissipative, industrial-grade resin
  • Neutral-vane inlet and integrated air ramp minimizes inbound air turbulence
Full-Unit Certified HEPA Dust Extractor
  • IES RP-CC002.3 and IES-RP-CC0034.3

  • In the home renovation and professional contracting industry, there’s no substitute for Full-Unit HEPA Certification. That’s why each Dust Cobra purchase includes a printed certificate to document that the unit has been independently tested and certified to strict EPA guidelines, protecting you from expensive fines! With this certification you can work comfortably with the knowledge that your vacuum system is fully sealed to eliminate leakage, protecting the work environment and those within it.

  • HEPA-grade media filter with an E12 minimum efficiency rating
  • Meets and exceeds all EPA RRP Requirements for contractors - including lead!
  • Requires zero pre-loading; works at peak efficiency right out of the box
  • Wide-spaced pleating and non-stick coating facilitates quick and easy maintenance
Integrated Pulse Filter Cleaner
  • Pulse Bar and Inlet Lever in use

  • There are few tasks worse than dealing with a clogged filter; cleaning them can be messy, time consuming, and it’s often the only way to restore suction. Now you can clean your filter without disassembling or turning off the system!

  • With our patented Rapid Pulse Filter Cleaner™, you never have to worry about downtime or dust clouds while cleaning your filter! A few quick taps on the pulse bar temporarily reverses the system’s airflow, blowing dust off of the filter and safely into the drum below.

  • Many dust collectors use a mechanical paddle arrangement that strikes the filter pleats. This quickly creates wear points on the filter, resulting in reduced filtration and compromised efficiency. The Dust Cobra’s unique pulse technology protects the filter’s microfibers, keeping the filter at maximum efficiency for longer and reducing the need for replacements!

  • Removes clogs from the filter in seconds.
  • Works while the vacuum is in operation.
  • Minimizes worker's exposure to harmful wood dust.
  • Manual operation puts you in control of your system.
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Horsepower 1HP
Motor Type U.S. TEFC Motor
Motor Service Factor 1.15
Voltage 110-120V
Recommended Breaker Size 20A HACR Style
Amperage (Typical) 15.5A
Phase (Pre-Wired) 1-Phase
Frequency 60Hz
Power Connector NEMA 5-20 - 125V/20A
Power Cord Length 20 feet
Impeller Type Single-piece, backward inclined, non-sparking/non-ferrous, composite resin.
Impeller Size 583 Actual CFM at 2" S.P.
Real CFM Rating 245 Actual CFM at 23" WC
Maximum Suction 70" WC
Noise Level 73 dBA @ 10 ft
Filter Type CleanStream HEPA
Filtration Efficiency 99.97% @ 0.3 microns
MERV Rating MERV 16 ±
Total Filtration Area 40 sq ft
Portable Yes
Remote Control Sold Separately
Remote Control Part # Item #ARS115200
Primary Build Materials Static Dissipative Polyethylene
Static Resistance Rating Static Dissipative
Color Black
Inlet Size 2.5" OD
Width 25.5625"
Depth 25.5625"
Height 64.5"
Height to Center of Inlet 42.125"
Actual Weight 85 lbs.
Contents Blower Motor Assembly, Cartridge Filter, Pulse Filter Cleaner, Cyclone Separator, Drum, Drum Dolly, Bin Fill Level Indicator, 5x Liner Bags, Automatic Bag Holder System, Vacuum Hose, 2x Hose Wand Extensions, Dust Brush, Gulper Tool, Floor Tool, Crevice Tool, Hardware
Country of Manufacture United States
Warranty Information 1 Year Limited Warranty
Certifications Full-Unit HEPA Certification, Complete Assembly cETLus Certified for Indoor Use
Applicable Patents US Pat. #7824457, #D604464, #8496719, #8377160, #8491686