Table Reference Pins Option (Pop-up Pins)

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The ShopSabre Table Reference Pins option features a robust steel 5 pin system meaning you get 3 heavy duty pneumatic pins on the long axis and 2 heavy duty pneumatic pins on the X Axis.

This option works great for quick sheet loading, fixture board location, or simply finding XY Zero with less guess work.

Our table reference pins are integrated into the frame and powered through the intelligence of our controller.

With the push of a button, you can activate or deactivate these pins but don’t worry, if you forget to lower them, our unique safety feature will lower them for you before the job starts to prevent collisions.

Whether you need to rapidly produce parts for cabinetry, need to do flip side operations, or have a variety of fixtures you wish to recall location on this option is a sure way to increase your efficiency & machining accuracy while reducing operator error.