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June 10, 2019

The Benefits of a CNC Plasma Machine

By scribe


Success in fabrication shops, autobody shops, and industrial construction is all about precision and efficiency – and that ultimately starts with the equipment. No matter how technically proficient a craftsman is, he or she can always be made better through the use of cutting-edge technology.

This is where a CNC plasma machine makes such a difference in production. Here’s a breakdown of what a CNC plasma machine is, how it works, and the key benefits it provides in saving your shop money while also boosting efficiency.

What is a CNC plasma machine?

A CNC plasma machine uses a plasma cutter to cut thin to thick metals along a multi-axis grid. The CNC method provides an advantage over handheld plasma cutting tools due to the cut being programmed and controlled by a computer instead of human motion. CNC plasma is where high speed and precision meet low cost – among a vast array of additional benefits.


The CNC plasma machine’s versatility is one of its key advantages, as it is an effective way to cut both thin and thick materials. It is commonly used to cut a wide range of metals, including:

Apart from the materials it is most commonly used to cut, CNC plasma is also used in a variety of settings and industries to improve production speeds and reduce costs.


CNC plasma machines are designed to tackle large-scale cutting, manufacturing jobs, and one-off custom fabrication or art project in a fraction of the time it would take to perform with a hand tool. You are able to program and cut diverse shapes on demand, with no pre-heating or cooling required. A CNC plasma machine is truly ready to work at a moment’s notice.


Because a CNC plasma machine is operated via CNC Control, it is extremely precise. Once the cut is programmed, the torch moves in an exact path set by the computer that is reliable and consistent every time. This leads to unmatched precision on essentially any cut, no matter how complex or refined.

Low cost

CNC plasma machines have been around for a few decades, and while they used to be highly specialized machines, they have become far more accessible and affordable in recent years, with shops ranging from large industry names all the way to sole contractors or hobbyists being able to experience the benefits.

Better results

The results experienced with a CNC plasma tool as compared to metal-against-metal cutting are undeniably far superior. The plasma cut will produce no chips and achieves a consistent edge, with limited error as long as the cut is properly programmed.


Another benefit of the CNC plasma machine being computer operated is its increased safety due to automation. The cut is set up and completed electronically, removing the need to hold a torch or handle metal during the process. The plasma is safer than most other gas-cutting alternatives.

Easy to use

A CNC plasma machine is easy to use and requires minimal training to learn how to operate effectively. This drastically reduces onboarding costs for shops looking to hire machine operators and also provides increased accessibility for one-man shops looking to add a CNC plasma tool to their arsenal.

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