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May 26, 2022

CNC Cabinet Software: 3 Popular CAD/CAM Packages for Cabinetmaking

By scribe


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There are a wide range of CNC cabinet software packages available today, each with its own set of unique features and benefits that can provide value for your operation. Whether you’re a weekend hobbyist or a full-time CNC professional, understanding the primary differences between CNC cabinetmaking software options can help you decide which one to go with to elevate your shop’s production.

Among the three most popular and capable CAD/CAM software packages for cabinetmaking are Cabinet Pro, Mozaik, and KCD. We’ll be taking a closer look at the defining features and advantages of each of these platforms.

But first, let’s run through a quick recap of what CAD/CAM software is and what you should consider when evaluating your options.

CAD/CAM Software

CAD/CAM software packages combine computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to produce 2D and 3D parts.

On their own, both sides of the CAD/CAM equation take on one half of the production process.

  • CAD is used to create and modify designs on a computer.
  • CAM is used to facilitate the manufacturing of the workpieces by computer-controlled machines (like CNC routers and plasmas). CAM programs convert design files into g-code so the machine can interpret them and perform the proper cuts.

On their own, both types of software are highly capable, but combining them into one shared platform allows you to handle every step of the design and production process in one central location.

With that in mind, selecting the best cabinet CNC software for you ultimately comes down to your production goals and the user experience, variety of features, and affordability of the platform.

Now let’s take a look at our three leading options.

Cabinet Pro

Cabinet Pro is a great all-in-one solution for both small cabinet shops and larger manufacturers of everything from cabinets and doors to desks and entertainment centers.

Cabinet Pro allows users to create:

  • Detailed and finished drawings
  • Floorplans
  • Elevations
  • 3D perspectives
  • Unlimited user-defined cutlists
  • Material reports
  • Door reports
  • Bidding
  • Financial charts and reports
  • Panel optimization

Cabinet Pro is designed to sync across devices, meaning work from your laptop at home or in the field can easily be transferred to the office or shop desktop to keep production moving. The platform also comes pre-packaged with a cabinet library that can be modified and expanded to suit your needs.

At its best, Cabinet Pro allows operators to produce detailed 3D renderings to help you and your customers easily visualize the end product before it ever moves to production. This and its strength in the areas of formatting choices, accuracy, and the completeness of its cutlist reports have all helped make Cabinet Pro one of the most popular cabinet design software options for CNC on the market today.


Mozaik is one of the most popular and widely trusted PC-based software platforms today, specializing in custom cabinets, closets, and casework. Its packages are capable of tackling everything from jobsite planning to design and manufacturing, with specific applications for labeling, cutting, and assembling.

Mozaik is easy to learn and use for even the most novice CNC operators, and is available on a monthly subscription basis that includes all software updates and online support services to help guide you through educating yourself and honing your craft.


KCD is a CNC cabinet design software program tailored specifically for woodworking. Its easy-to-use visual interface allows operators to go directly from design to CNC while quickly setting tools, measurements, and sizes. KCD’s touchscreen usability also makes design, price, and build much more mobile-friendly. It also has free technical support that is industry-known.

With KCD’s CNC Manager tool, shops can run multiple jobs and individual parts from other jobs together to streamline production efficiency. The tool integrates with Cabinotch for simplified outsourcing and includes hundreds of MDF cabinet door stiles most libraries only offer in solid wood.

The Doors Plus feature is also an added bonus, enabling easy and accurate scaling, sizing, and modifying, along with the ability to go directly to the manufacturing phase of any project at the push of a button.

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