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IS-M Series

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An Industry Changer!

Our NEWEST CNC Router the IS-M Series gives you a true machine grade tool with everything you could want in a CNC router + an Industrial Grade Mitsubishi Electronic Motion Control Platform. ShopSabre Routers are American built with top-of-the-line name brand components and technology all backed by our free lifetime technical support, the IS-M Series gives you the design and specs of an $100,000+ machine for a fraction of the cost.

The IS-M series features a heavy duty one-piece welded structural steel tube frame construction with a massive over-sized structural steel tube gantry design and tube steel uprights. The frames and gantry assemblies are bed milled for matched tolerances and stressed relieved to ensure accuracy and precision from the ground up. Our IS-M Series routers feature an upgraded Frame construction available to handle even your biggest projects. This System provides you the Ultimate Stability and Performance while unlocking Speed and Accuracy not found in competitively priced systems. The Days of Imported Technology are in the past – you now can get a TRUE American Made Machine with a Name Brand Industrial Mitsubishi Electronic Motion Controller for a competitive price to the imported machines. The IS-M Series is built to last with upgraded bearing and drive system technology consisting of massive ball screws on X, dual Y, and Z axis, the over-sized AC servo motors, and top-rated linear guide technology. These features improve cutting quality, cutting forces, and overall machine accuracy. Unlike the typical rack and pinion drives found in the competition, ShopSabre machines are built to outlast and outperform other machines. No matter how much you use your CNC router, you’ll get the precision you need every time from the ShopSabre IS-M Series. Perfect for all high production or heavy cutting applications whether you are nested-based manufacturing or one-off fabrication, the state-of-the-art IS-M Series features three sizes built precisely for your needs.

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Highlighted Features

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  • Mitsubishi M80 Dedicated Control Technology with Fiber Optic Communication and Dedicated CNC CPU
  • Powered 100% by ball screw drive systems – Watch our ball screw video!
  • Dual drive ball screw Y axis (Long Axis)
  • Name brand drive motors by Mitsubishi including massive 1 kilowatt A/C closed loop brushless servo motors with glass encoder technology and individual drive amplifiers with digital tuning – Watch our top servo motor technology video!
  • Welded, stress-relieved, and milled structural steel tube frame construction
  • Over-sized structural steel tube gantry uprights and bridge which are stress relieved and milled for accuracy – Watch our steel vs aluminum video!
  • 25MM linear profile guide rails and bearings on all axes
  • No assembly required
  • Easy-to-learn software with point-and-click technology including AT machine CAD/CAM abilities – Watch our control screen video!
  • Custom options available to meet your exact needs – Watch our expansion equipment video
  • Networking and file management via USB and internet connectivity
  • Free lifetime tech support – Watch our support video!
  • Free access to ShopSabre basic training class
  • ShopSabre Tool Measure Technology – Watch our tool measure video!
  • American Manufactured & Engineered using FEA Software – Watch our engineering video!
Relevant Education

Training and Support

ShopSabre includes 1-day training with all ShopSabre CNC Routers. This free training is performed at a ShopSabre CNC training location. ShopSabre also includes life-time technical assistance to the original buyer/company by phone, email, PC-to-PC connectivity, and on-board diagnosis.

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