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4 myths about CNC

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Those involved in CNC work understand the ins and outs of the industry, but for those on the outside looking in, there can be a lot of questions and uncertainty regarding how CNC machines operate and what the true benefits are.

This uncertainty has led to some skepticism and a bit of mystery for those trying to decide whether or not to invest in a CNC router or CNC plasma. Here is a look at some of the most common CNC myths and misconceptions and the truth behind each one.

Myth: CNC is too difficult to learn

Because CNC makes use of such advanced technology and machinery, its a common misconception that it is incredibly difficult to learn. This myth can keep people from pursuing their interest in CNC but it shouldnt.

The truth

The truth is that CNC routers and plasmas are easy to learn for anyone willing to put in the effort and ShopSabre makes the learning process easier than ever. We specialize in helping first-time users add CNC technology to their arsenal with little to no onsite training required. Our lifetime support, free remote training, SabreNation University, and online videos and tutorials allow beginners to become professionals at no added cost.

Myth: CNC requires constant supervision

While production automation is one of the primary advantages of CNC work, many also believe the machine must be accompanied by human supervision at all times. This can cut into productivity and effectively negate one of the primary reasons to own a CNC router or CNC plasma.

The truth

A high-quality CNC machine can effectively serve as an additional employee in the shop, going about its work efficiently and reliably with minimal supervision. It is recommended for safety purposes to be around the machine during operation if possible, but many 1-2-man shops are able to purchase a ShopSabre machine as an extension of their workforce for much cheaper than it would be to hire a new employee. Through the power of CNC, you can perform the work of 3-4 people with a staff of only one or two.

Myth: CNC requires three-phase power

Because of the high-powered industrial capability of CNC machinery, it is commonly believed that three-phase power is required in order to host a CNC router or plasma. This can raise concerns about facility limitations when considering bringing CNC in house.

The truth

While some options and accessories are most effective with three-phase power, ShopSabre has developed a system that runs at full capacity on single-phase power. You no longer need to be in an industrial three-phase facility in order to make the transition into CNC.

Myth: CNC is too expensive

Many have shied away from getting involved in CNC because they assume the equipment is too expensive and that it wont provide a worthwhile return on investment.

The truth

The truth is there are affordable and well-suited CNC options for both at-home hobbyists and professional shop owners, making high-end CNC more accessible now than its ever been. If youre serious about pursuing CNC as a hobby, there are a number of affordable entry-level machines that can provide you with outstanding capability for a reasonable price.

And if youre a professional shop owner in need of an elite machine to scale production and accelerate timelines, there are also many different CNC routers and CNC plasmas that can deliver tremendous ROI much more quickly than you would expect. The precision, automation, and efficiency of CNC machines make them a viable option for operations of all sizes and verticals.

Most businesses that decide to invest in CNC find they can no longer afford not to do so.

Scale your production with help from ShopSabre

ShopSabre manufactures world-leading CNC routers and CNC plasmas to provide hobbyists and shop owners alike with unmatched precision, efficiency, and versatility. Whatever your goals may be, we are dedicated to helping you produce outstanding results at a fraction of the labor and cost.

Our Industrial Series (IS) and PRO Series CNC routers provide industrial capability for a fraction of the price, while our SideKick CNC plasmas deliver professional quality at an entry-level cost.

Here are a few of the reasons ShopSabre is able to develop and produce such revolutionary CNC technology:

  • Experienced in-house engineering talent
  • The ability to totally fabricate and test designs onsite
  • The ability to place the designs into production in-house

These are just a few of the advantages of being an American machine tool manufacturer. We offer commercial financing on our CNC equipment to help meet the needs of your budget.

Shop our unmatched collection of CNC routers and CNC plasmas in Minneapolis today to experience CNC the way it was meant to be.

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