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How a CNC machine can provide value for your small business

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Small business owners are always in search of ways to gain an edge over the competition, whether that means streamlining processes, cutting costs, or improving their overall offering. For many startup brands, finding ways to accomplish these goals can make the difference between growing into a successful business and fading into the background after just a few months.

For small businesses in the world of production and manufacturing, CNC technology represents an ideal opportunity to gain that competitive edge. Here are some of the key ways adding a CNC machine to your capabilities can bolster your small business for the long haul.

Increased efficiency

Time is money for all businesses, but especially for small businesses where profit margins are often much tighter. The number of projects completed in a given week, month, or quarter can make a big difference toward your overall profitability at the end of the year.

CNC technology can make a tremendous impact by enabling you to streamline production processes and to complete high-quality projects in a fraction of the time. While shops still relying on manual processes can only produce results as quickly as its operators can function, shops with CNC capability can trim an hours-long job down to a matter of minutes. The computerized performance of a single CNC machine can essentially carry the load of five employees at once.

Increased versatility

Many business owners shy away from CNC because theyre not sure it applies to their specific processes. CNC routers and CNC plasmas are capable of delivering outstanding results in a wide range of industries and applications, ranging from furniture- and cabinetmaking, signage manufacturing, prototyping, and more.

Whether youre working with a variety of metals, woods, plastics, or foam, CNC technology has evolved to handle almost any material with extreme precision and efficiency. Our CNC machines have helped countless small businesses elevate their brand in a wide range of spaces, including furniture-making and sign manufacturing.


Its also common for small business owners to be deterred by the perceived cost of CNC machines because theyre unsure if it will truly be worth the investment. The truth is that the efficiency, capability, precision, and ease-of-use of CNC technology all combine to make it one of the most cost-effective purchases you will ever make for your business.

CNC enables you to increase your production quality and quantity without having to hire any additional employees to your workforce. In fact, weve seen many small business owners find their CNC machine pays for itself in less than a year. CNC also reduces material waste, as it works to maximize the use of the workpiece through processes like nesting and eliminates bad cuts that can lead to scrapped parts.

Increased precision and quality

In production and manufacturing, the quality of the product is an absolute necessity, as no one will want to work with you if your results are not consistent and reliable. The state-of-the art, computerized function of CNC technology means cuts are executed and repeatable down to a thousandth of an inch. Not only is the work incredibly precise, but it remains that way from the first cut to the thousandth.


When we say a CNC machine essentially functions as a hyper-performing employee, we are largely speaking of its ability to automate processes. Where manual processes require human operation at all times, CNC work can be set up and then left to complete while other tasks are taken care of around the shop. This level of automation is a key contributor to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of adding CNC technology to your small business.

Ease of use

Its also often thought that CNC technology is difficult to learn, and thus not an option for many small business owners without a background in the trade. The truth is CNC operation is easy to learn even for first-time users.

We specialize in helping small business owners add CNC technology to their capabilities with little to no onsite training required. Our lifetime support, free remote training, and online resource library allow beginners to become professionals at no additional cost.

Elevate your small business with help from ShopSabre CNC

ShopSabre manufactures world-leading CNC routers and CNC plasmas to provide hobbyists and shop owners alike with unmatched precision, efficiency, and versatility. Whatever your goals may be, we are dedicated to helping you produce outstanding results at a fraction of the labor and cost.

OurIndustrial Series (IS)andPRO SeriesCNC routers provide industrial capability for a fraction of the price, while ourSideKick CNC plasmasdeliver professional quality at an entry-level cost.

Here are a few of the reasons ShopSabre is able to develop and produce such revolutionary CNC technology:

  • Experienced in-house engineering talent
  • The ability to totally fabricate and test designs onsite
  • The ability to place the designs into production in-house

These are just a few of the advantages of being an American machine tool manufacturer. We offer commercial financing on our CNC equipment to help meet the needs of your budget.

And now through the end of 2020, we are offering a number of specials on our CNC routers and CNC plasmas.

Possible year-end savings options include:

  • Special financing rates as low as 4.99%
  • Payments of $199/month for the first 12 months
  • No payments for the first 6 months
  • Free shipping on turnkey router and plasma packages
  • Free CAD/CAM software package

Shop our unmatched collection of CNC routers and CNC plasmas in Minneapolis today to experience CNC the way it was meant to be.

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